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The Complete Guide to China PCB Manufacturer

Most of china’s pcb manufacturers are located in Guangdong Province, China. Shenzhen pcb assembly manufacturers are very famous for listing in the world. Buyers from all over the world find all kinds of pcb services in China. So, what are the advantages of China pcb manufacturers? Let’s analyze it in detail.

The advantages of China pcb manufacturers

From electronic component procurement to pcb assembly, it is a one-stop service. You only need to tell the china pcb fabrication of the order requirements, and the rest is just waiting for the pcb manufacturer to deliver the order.

1. Shenzhen PCB industry chain is dense

First, let’s talk about Shenzhen’s advantages. Shenzhen is the first city in China to start reform and opening up. The field of electronic technology is developing very rapidly. Many Shenzhen pcb assembly manufacturers have spent decades developing and growing. Most importantly, they have the most advanced production equipment and have high-tech talents. Shenzhen has a complete pcb industry chain.

2. pcb assembly order delivery time on time

The second point is the speed of assembling the pcb. In today’s world economic development, time is money. So order delivery time becomes very important. The average delivery time of pcb assembly delivery by china pcb manufacturers is 24 hours at the shortest and no more than 7 days at the longest. Well, such a fast delivery time for orders is the biggest advantage of Chinese PCBs. In a word, the short delivery time of pcb assembly orders saves a lot of time for customers and greatly reduces customer input costs.

3. Gathering of high-tech talents in the field of pcb

No matter what industry you are in, talent is always the first competitiveness. There are more and more scientific research talents in China in the world. Moreover, in the field of pcb research, many outstanding talents have emerged in China. These excellent pcb R&D and design engineers have wealthy knowledge and experience. Chinese pcb hardware and software technology are very advanced. Besides, China is a populous country. Abundant labor reduces labor costs for PCB assembly. Efficient and high-quality pcb assembly is essential for choosing a China pcb manufacturer.

4. Advanced pcb assembly and testing equipment

The advanced production line of pcb assembly and inspection is another advantage of the Shenzhen pcb assembly manufacturer. The design of the pcb circuit is the first critical link. There are also many essential links between printing pcb and electronic component assembly. Therefore, we have precise instrument testing for each pcb production link.

5. Sufficient pcb electronic components

In pcb assembly, the most serious difficulty is the lack of electronic components. Every electronic component is abundantly stocked. Even in some European and American countries, there is a shortage of electronic components. But China’s pcb electronic components market is sufficient. The china pcb manufacturer pays great attention to the problem of electronic component inventory. They have always ensured that every order is delivered on time.

6. The order transportation of pcb is safe and efficient

The logistics and transportation of pcb are also critical links. The transportation conditions of pcb assembly and some pcb electronic components are demanding. We guarantee the safety of packaging and transportation of pcb. China pcb manufacturer can cooperate with the best air transport. All in all, you can receive your pcb project order on time.

China PCB Manufacturer

Why is pcb assembly cheap in China

1. The cost of labor in China is much lower than in other countries worldwide

For example, it is only half the cost of some Western countries, such as the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This is an essential factor that makes the low cost of our printed circuit boards possible.
Shenzhen, China, has attracted a large number of laborers. These highly qualified people make the pcb industry in Shenzhen well-trained. But the cost of labor in China is much lower than in most European and American countries. Labor costs are a significant influencing factor in all industries.

2. China pcb manufacturer’s number one in the world

If you ask where the world’s largest pcb market is today, the answer is China.
China’s industrialization is developing at a rapid pace. The demand for pcb in various industrial sectors has led to the rapid growth of the pcb industry in China. In addition, China’s abundant resources, low labor costs, and the national government’s support are all favorable factors for the continuous development of China’s pcb industry.

3. Low cost of PCB assembly materials

China’s pcb industry system is complete. They have a whole industry chain from pcb raw material production to pcb assembly. China has an ample production supply, whether integrated circuit chips or diodes, batteries, sensors, etc. Therefore, the low cost of pcb raw material production is a great advantage.

4. pcb factory direct sales

When purchasing pcb in China, you look for a reliable China pcb manufacturer. They will already sell to you at the lowest price. But you will pay more if you place your order from a secondary distributor. By working with top pcb manufacturers in china, you can keep track of the progress of your order completion. What’s more, from pcb design, electronic components purchase to pcb assembly, the price of each link is transparent. You can fully trust the Shenzhen pcb assembly manufacturer.

5. Stable political and economic environment

China’s economic entities are multiplying. Nowadays, China is the second-largest economy in the world. China’s GDP per capita is also growing steadily. The prerequisite for all these economic growth phenomena is a stable political and economic environment. The Chinese government strongly supports the development of high-tech industries. Therefore, the result of the China pcb manufacturer is very smooth. They have enough confidence to give you relatively low pcb prices.

6. One-stop pcb assembly service

The one-stop pcb service of pcb design, raw material procurement, and pcb assembly is another reason for cost savings. You don’t need to contact different manufacturers in different countries to serve you. A trusted China pcb manufacturer can solve all your problems.

7. Low cost but high quality

The low price of Chinese PCBs is not a sacrifice of product quality in exchange. The six favorable conditions we listed above are unique to China. Because of these advantages, it is to save a lot of pcb production costs. But the quality of pcb assembly is strictly enforced according to the highest standard vertebrae.

Low cost but high quality PCB

China pcb quote

The pcb quotes in China are very transparent. You need to fill in some data information on the official website to get an accurate pcb quote. How exactly do you get the China pcb quote? We can list an example.

PCBA Online Quote:

Product Name:

Single-sided SMD:
double-sided SMD:

BOM Material Type:

Number of ICs with 16 pins or more such as QFP BGA:

PCB Type:
FR4 hardboard
Soft board
Soft and hard combined PCB board

PCB Panel Array:
No collage

BOM total components:

DIP solder joints:

Delivery Requirements:
Normal delivery time
Expedited delivery within 48 hours

China pcb quote

When you have filled in the above information according to your project requirements, you will get your china pcb quote.


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