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low volume pcb assembly



Three aspects to easily choose the right low volume PCB assembly factory

Before the high volume PCB assembly, in order to test whether the quality and design of PCB meet the requirements, it is necessary to conduct low volume PCB assembly, which also creates great development opportunities for low volume PCB assembly.

So, what are the key points for customers in need to choose a China low volume PCB manufacturer?


This depends on whether the copper thickness of low volume PCB board meets the standard, whether the circuit has flat edges, whether the surface of the circuit board is smooth and tidy, whether the adhesion of copper foil is good enough, and so on. These are all important factors to examine the quality of the circuit board. Only when the product quality is guaranteed, it shows that the low volume PCB assembly manufacturer is worth your choice.


Nowadays, many customers often have the demand for expedited proofing or low volume PCB assembly, which puts forward higher requirements for the production efficiency of China low volume PCB assembly manufacturer. Only when the production efficiency is up to standard, can you provide expedited services for a variety of products on the basis of ensuring the punctual delivery. For example, PCBasic has low volume PCB assembly expedited services, such as single and double multi-layer panels with different durations, to ensure timely delivery.


TThe service level mainly depends on the speed of low volume PCB assembly factory's review of orders, the response to customer needs and the speed of solving customer problems. If the service attitude is good and the quantity of orders is abundant, the service quality of the low volume PCB assembly manufacturer is guaranteed. The above three aspects are the key points for customers to choose a proofing or low volume PCB assembly factory for PCB project. I hope these aspects can help you form a strategic thinking, so as to select a suitable low volume PCB assembly factory for PCB and promote the development of your own business.

Low Volume PCB Assembly


of PCB industry

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) refers to a functional board with conductive circuit patterns or printed components formed on an insulating substrate according to a predetermined design by using printing technology, which is used to realize the interconnection and relay transmission between electronic components. It is an indispensable basic component of electronic information products. The manufacturing quality of PCB directly affects the reliability of electronic products and the overall competitiveness of system products, so PCB is called "the mother of electronic system products". To some extent, the development level of PCB industry reflects the development speed and technical level of electronic industry in a country or region.

PCB exists in almost all electronic devices, and the reliability and competitiveness of electronic products depend on the manufacturing quality of PCB to a great extent. PCB is the basic industry for the application of electronic information products, and the application industry covers a wide range, bearing the development of downstream industries such as industrial control, communication equipment, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, medical health and semiconductors. The upgrading and product iteration of emerging 5G, integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and digital economy industries will continue to promote the development of PCB.


Overview of sample
and low volume PCB assembly industry

There are many types of PCB, which can usually be classified according to the standard of order area, product layer number, characteristic process or material. According to the difference of PCB enterprises' emphasis on order area market, there are differences in delivery time, product usage, product model, customer structure, production technology and pricing strategy. The PCB industry is further subdivided into sample PCBA, low volume PCB assembly industry and high volume PCB assembly industry.

PCB demand mainly comes from the R&D stage of customer's electronic products, such as research, development and testing. It is the front link of low or high volume PCB assembly, and has certain professional characteristics. After the electronic products are successfully developed and finalized, the project will enter the low or high volume PCB assembly stage. Therefore, the sample orders in R&D stage are characterized by multi-varieties, low volume and quick delivery.

Batch PCB boards can be further divided into low volume PCB assembly and high volume PCB assembly according to the order quantity. Among them, low volume PCB assembly are mainly used for the needs of professional user terminals such as communication equipment, industrial control, medical health and automotive electronics, while high volume PCB assembly are mainly used for the needs of ordinary user terminals such as consumer electronics and some automotive electronics.

The downstream application fields of professional PCB mainly cover enterprise-level industries such as communication equipment, industrial control, medical health and automotive electronics. Usually, PCB products are required to have the characteristics of high reliability, long service life and strong traceability, with higher requirements for PCB manufacturers' processes and materials. The downstream application fields of general consumer terminals mainly cover consumer electronics and some automotive electronics, and PCB products are usually required to be thin, small and flexible. Because of the large demand of general consumer terminals and the relatively more standardized PCB, the production scale of PCB manufacturers is required to be higher. And the sample and small batch board products are rich in variety, so they are not easily affected by macroeconomic disturbance. As there are great differences in the R&D, production, management and sales modes among sample PCBA, low volume PCB assembly and high volume PCB assembly, different types of PCB enterprises have their own characteristics in terms of customers, products and production.


Development trend of China's
sample and low volume PCB assembly market

Based on the existing policy, population and market advantages in mainland China, the PCB manufacturing industry will continue to shift to mainland China in the future, and the output value of PCB in mainland China will be further enhanced. From the downstream market of PCB, the market demand of terminal electronic products is becoming more and more diversified, customized and low volume. The production capacity of middle and high-end templates and low volume PCB assembly in Europe, America and Japan will be further transferred to Chinese mainland, and the demand of middle and high-end templates and low volume PCB assembly in China's PCB will be greatly increased. In the future, the growth rate of China's mid-to high-end templates and low volume PCB assembly will be higher than that of the overall PCB industry demand, and the diversified development trend of terminal electronic products will promote the proportion of templates and low volume PCB assembly to gradually increase.

R&D investment promotes the continuous expansion of the model market.

PCB is the basic component of electronic information products, involving many downstream industries. The prototype is mainly used for R&D, pilot test and new product development of downstream electronic information products manufacturing enterprises. Professional PCB manufacturers are required to assist in the production of the prototype in the product R&D stage, and the growth of R&D investment in the whole industry drives the continuous expansion of the prototype market.

The downstream application fields of templates and low volume PCB assembly are developing rapidly.

PCB runs through all stages of electronic information product research and testing, and is widely used in high-tech industries with high R&D investment intensity, such as communication equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics, semiconductors and national defense and military industry. Similarly, the downstream of low volume PCB assembly is mainly used in enterprise-level professional user application industries such as communication equipment, industrial control and automotive electronics.

Analysis of Development Barriers of Low Volume PCB Assembly Industry in China


Ability Barriers

Low volume PCB assembly production mode puts forward high requirements for operators' production management ability. In terms of production planning, material supply, engineering data storage, production variety switching and uncertainty management, low volume PCB assembly manufacturer need more reasonable operation management to achieve their goals. In low volume PCB manufacturing, the probability of uncertain factors will be higher. Effective and rapid adjustment and allocation of limited resources are the key management capabilities that low volume PCB assembly manufacturer enterprises must have for effective operation. How to ensure the optimization and orderly connection of various production links, do a good job in quality control of many products and ensure the delivery date of products are the embodiment of the core competitiveness of Low volume PCB assembly manufacturer. For new entrants, to build a highly flexible production line must go through a long-term accumulation process, which builds a high barrier of production management.


Customer Resources
and Sales Network Barriers

The average order area of low volume PCB assembly is small, and the average order area is only about 10 square meters. Enterprises need a large number of orders and customers to achieve higher sales revenue. The establishment of a large number of customer resources and sales network is a gradual process, and enterprises that enter first will have obvious first-Mover advantage in this respect. In addition, the establishment cost of sales network is high, while the maintenance cost is relatively low. Once the first-entering enterprises establish a stable cooperative relationship with big customers, it will be difficult for new-entering enterprises to compete for their market share.



In low volume PCB manufacturing, in order to meet customers' demands for products with different precision, it is necessary to invest more money to purchase advanced production equipment, and enhance the production and testing capabilities, flexible production capabilities and continuous research and development capabilities of enterprises. There are more than a dozen low volume PCB fabrication processes, a wide variety of production equipment, high unit price of advanced machinery and equipment, complicated product production process and large occupation of working capital, so there are high capital barriers. For example, a PCB production line needs dozens of expensive equipment such as exposure machine, vacuum air compressor, automatic optical testing machine, laser drilling machine and pattern etching line. Expensive production equipment and complicated technological process make the investment in fixed assets huge, which forms a high financial barrier for new entrants.



PCB manufacturing industry is a technology-intensive industry with high technical barriers. PCB industry integrates electronics, machinery, computer, optics, materials, chemical engineering and other disciplines to engage in product manufacturing services. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the corresponding disciplines and have the ability to comprehensively apply them to actual production.

From the point of view of manufacturing process, with the development of PCB products towards high precision and high density, the production of various low volume PCB assembly products, especially various high-end products or special substrate products, requires different engineering organization and process adjustment, and involves different patented technologies, proprietary know-how and special processes, which have strong flexible manufacturing characteristics. Secondly, in the process of product manufacturing, enterprises need to have various abilities (such as electroplating, etching, drilling, surface treatment, etc.) in the production of all kinds of low volume PCB assembly products. Any defects in the process will lead to the decrease of the finished product rate, thus affecting the operation of the whole supply chain where the enterprise is located.

From the perspective of application fields, the downstream application fields of low volume PCB assembly industry are extensive, involving industrial control, medical instruments, security electronics, communication equipment, aerospace and many other industries. Customers in various industries have different demands for PCB products, and PCB products have the characteristics of various varieties, complex processes, and endless applications of new technologies and materials. PCB manufacturing enterprises need to have the ability to provide solutions for customers in different fields. With the rapid development of the industry, PCB orders are increasingly concentrated in companies with high technical and manufacturing capabilities, and in large companies that can quickly provide customers with comprehensive solutions. However, the small-scale companies are limited by their own technical ability, so there will be few orders, which will lead to smaller and smaller profit margins, which will increase the market risk of new entrants in the industry.


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