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There are many sub-categories of PCB assembly, such as layered layers: single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer circuit boards; material properties: FPC, PCB, FPCB; Pcb. Thus, when you choose a pcb assembly manufacturer for your project, you need to have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the project to know which points need special attention to pick the most suitable pcb assembly manufacturer.

BGA assembly professional factory, PCBasic provides you with Turnkey BGA Assembly Services.

45mm large size BGA
BGA with a minimum pitch of 0.2mm
PBGA (Plastic BGA)、CBGA (Ceramic BGA)、TBGA (Carrier Tape BGA)
Leaded BGA and Leadless BGA
BGA welding, X-ray inspection, maintenance capabilities
PCBasic provides one-stop BGA assembly services, including component procurement, BGA assembly, BGA testing, functional testing, and BGA rework. We can help your project, manufacture high-quality BGA boards, and provide customizable PCBA solutions according
1.Fill in the product specifications according to your
2. Upload Gerber files and Bom table and other related documents
3. Get a quote in minutes and place an order quickly
How to get BGA assembly quotation?

What are the characteristics of BGA? On the back of the BGA printed substrate, spherical bumps are made in an array manner to replace pins. The spherical bumps are solder balls, which serve as the connection interface between the packaged IC and the PCB. BGA is a high-performance, small size, lightweight IC package. Compared with other packaging technologies, BGA can accommodate more pins.

What are the advantages of BGA? Compared with the previous packaging technology, the thickness and weight are reduced; the parasitic parameters are reduced, the signal transmission delay is small, and the frequency of use is improved; the assembly can be coplanar welding, with high reliability, excellent heat dissipation capacity, electrical characteristics, and high-efficiency system. Product compatibility.

Where are BGA PCBs used?
Due to the numerous advantages of BGA,
BGA PCBs are widely used in:
CPU of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other
Industrial placement machine, reflow soldering, AOI
CPU of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other
CPU of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other
How to guarantee the quality of BGA Assembly?


Professional engineers will review the order, conduct process evaluation and program production.


Store BGA at low temperature, bake before going online and standardize operations


Complete process capability, sophisticated BGA placement machine


Professional PCBA inspection services, such as SPI, AOI, X-Ray, etc.


Fixture production and functional testing


Fastest delivery time of 3-5 days

Detection of bga
The biggest disadvantage of BGA is that the solder joints after soldering are invisible, which makes it difficult to ensure the quality and service life of the product. The naked eye cannot directly see the solder joints of the BGA, and even AOI cannot detect the soldering of the BGA. PCBasic uses X-Ray testing equipment to detect BGA welding conditions and arranges IPQC to conduct random inspections at a rate of 10% every hour.
Using X-RAY to detect BGA can detect cold soldering, incomplete melting of solder balls, displacement, tin connection and other defects.
Why PCBasic?
1 Brick-and-mortar factory, no middleman, with more than 200 employees
2 Sophisticated production equipment such as placement machine, high-temperature furnace, AOI, SPI, X-Ray, etc.
3 Intelligent quality control system, strict quality control
4 One-stop service, single manufacturing team, 100% privacy
We are a manufacturer with 15 years of experience in PCB assembly, we have many efficient component suppliers, which guarantees that you will get the best quotation and the best quality products.

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What do we need in order to give you a quick quote?
Top, Bottom, Soldermask Top/Bottom, Assembly Top/Bottom, Silkscreen Top/Bottom, etc.
Bit No. Model Specification Package, etc.

Has passed ISO: 9001 quality certification to ensure that our products meet industry standards,

At PCBasic, our rich BGA assembly experience and professional SMT assembly line, as well as standardized assembly services, can place BGA components with a pitch of 0.2MM for you.

PCBasic focuses on providing Turnkey BGA Assembly services for small and medium-sized enterprises. What large companies are unwilling to do and what small companies cannot do well is what PCBasic focuses on.
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