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Several issues that should be considered when making PCB
PCB production needs to consider aspects such as PCB size, PCB shape, clamping edge, and MARK point. In some PCB designs, because the actual requirements of the automated processing and production stage are not fully considered, the produced PCBs cannot be immediately put into the automated placement machine for placement production and processing, but need to make additional tooling and other methods for automated production. , Even some PCB designs cannot be automated at all and can only be welded manually, which will not only lead to the extension of the entire product period, but also increase the labor cost.

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What parts of the PCB consist of?
The PCB is made of different components and a variety of complex process technologies. Among them, the structure of the PCB circuit board has a single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer structure, and the production methods of different hierarchical structures are different.

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What is FPC ink?
The most commonly used solder mask is the green ink, so it is called the green oil bridge and also called the solder mask bridge and the solder mask dam. Solder-resistant ink is a "separation tape" made to prevent short-circuiting of SMD component pins in the batch production of the factory. To control the green oil bridge of the FPC soft board, it needs to be controlled during the solder mask process.

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What are the quality control of PCBA processing?
The PCBA processing process involves a series of processes such as PCB board manufacturing, PCB incoming component procurement and inspection, SMT chip processing, plug-in processing, program firing, testing, aging, etc. The supply chain and manufacturing chain are long, and any link The defects of the PCBA board will cause the mass quality of the PCBA board to fail, and cause serious consequences. For such a situation, the quality control of PCBA patch processing is a very important quality assurance in electronic processing, so what are the main quality control of PCBA processing?

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During the PCB board manufacturing and prototype PCB assembly, many customers encounter issues.


As one of the best PCB manufacturers in China, PCBasic offers PCB design and manufacturing, and turnkey PCB assembly services. PCB board manufacturing and prototype pcb assembly are complex, so many PCB companies will not provide extra support during the PCB fabrication services. 


Also, we are the PCB assembly company that provides circuit board assembly services, and our customers mean everything to our PCB production. We offer support and answer questions related to PCB assembly and manufacturing.


Suppose you want to DIY PCB board or custom circuit board. As a PCB prototype manufacturer, we provide customers with DIY circuit board services. In that case, we believe our PCB manufacturing companies provided you with all your needs to make your own PCB.