prototype pcb assembly



Free assembly to prototype PCB assembly for new customer

Avoiding big mistakes in batch production 

Why do we need to prototype PCB assembly?

When engineers design new print circuit boards or have some small modifications, normally we test the boards. Prototype PCB assembly is most favorable.
How do ensure that boards have no bigger mistakes for PCB assembly production?   It's necessary to prototype PCB assembly to verify/test your boards.
PCBasic is willing to analyze printed circuit board data.
Optimize the printed circuit board layout, saving the total cost for batch production. 

What you could get from PCBasic in prototyping PCB assembly?
1) Free assembly fee for first prototype order
2) No MOQ request, you could choose the quantity as you want 
3) PCBasic manages your order from small volume to high volume.
3 SMT lines for prototype PCB assembly (1~10pcs), 12 hours fast turnaround PCB assembly
1 SMT line for small volume production (11~100pcs), 24 hours fast turnaround PCB assembly
4 SMT lines for medium volume batch production (>100pcs), 1~3 days fast turnaround PCB assembly
We could grow from you, and large your market, from prototype to batch production.

How to place an order for prototype PCB assembly?
1) Quote: please send us Gerber files and BOM to quote
2) Payment: confirm the order
3) Premanufacturing: our engineering analyses of PCB-layout data
4) Customer approves production Gerber
5) Before shipment, we will send the sample picture for your confirmation 
6) Do the functional test as the customer's request
7) Shipping by DHL, ETA is 3~5 days.
8) Warranty period is 1 year, we could make a PCBA prototype until you are satisfied.

Pleasure to share the video for you to learn how PCB assembly.

PCB assembly=PCB+Components+assembly
PCB SMT assembly process is as below step by step.
Stencil fabrication
Incoming inspection
Components baking
Components feeding
Solder Paste printing
Inspection before reflow
Reflow Soldering
DIP (through-hole PCB assembly)
Wave soldering
Hand soldering
Cosmetic Inspection
100%test PCB assembly inspection
Functional test ( as customer's request)
Packing &Shipment

What should pay attention to for each process?
Stencil Fabrication
We choose laser cutting stencil for high-efficiency&favorable cost.  SMT stencil production process is as below.
Stencil design-- Framed Stencils-- Laser cutting-- Marking-- Cleaning-- Inspection-- intelligent stencil shelf -- Solder paste

Incoming inspection
It's the first step but most important. Visual checking the component, and ensuring 100% original component procurement.

Components baking
Components will bake to ensure the quality of key components.
Usually, IC should be baked for 12~24 hours, while LED 4 hours, to prevent bubbles caused by moisture, any details are very important.

Solder Paste printing
Perfect SMT stencil and soldering tin play very important for solder Paste print.  We uses the famous brand "Alpha" tin manufactured by the USA, even Alpha solder tin costs more than other brands, but its value is for high-quality PCB assembly.

SPI verifies the solder paste printing quality.

Pick&Place machine brand is JUKI from Japan, which high- efficient & exactly assembles the components.

Reflow Soldering
The temperature is stable for 10 degrees temperature to control.

For the PCB fabrication process, welcome to PCB prototype knows more.
To make the industry more efficient, come to PCBasic for free sample assembly.

PCBasic firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard, every process of production, and every detail of service!