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PCBA fast production process

PCBASIC, the best pcb assembly manufacturer in China. We have developed a set of system production auxiliary software.
The system focuses on the fast production service of multi-variety and small-batch PCB assembly service. The production process includes raw material procurement, parts inspection and welding. Our PCB assembly service system can inspect every production process . If there is any problem in the PCB assembly service process, we can detect and control it in time. You need to tell us your requirements . We will give you a high-quality product, fast delivery and the best service
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  • Quotation

    PCbasic offers a variety of quotations for different tasks and projects. Our services include PCB fabrication and assembly. We are also professionals in turnkey PCB assembly and SMT pcb assembly.

  • Process Evaluation
    Process Evaluation

    We require different methods and tools for each project. PCBasic offers the latest DFM tools and PCBA technology to you. We can ensure that each project goes out perfectly as planned.

  • Fixture Making
    Fixture Making

    PCBasic offers fixture making for prototype PCB assembly and large electronic projects. We ensure the quality standard of each product.

  • Material Purchase
    Material Purchase

    PCBasic offers first-class material agent or brand factory cooperation. We have a long-term stable supply chain for SMT and electronics components. Large stock of raw materials is necessary in the PCB assembly.

  • IQC Material Inspection
    IQC Material Inspection

    PCBasic developed an independent custom IQC inspection system. The system is automatic and accurate. It offers a variety of LCR parameters and accurate inspection of IC chip quality during the pcb assembly. By this PCBA technology method, each material can be accurately traced to assure top quality.

  • Intelligent Warehouse
    Intelligent Warehouse

    PCBasic integrates intelligent warehouse shelf solutions. The workers can perform their job in the fastest and most accurate way possible. By this way, we reduced the risk of choosing the wrong components during the PCB assembly service and project production.

  • Steel Mesh Production
    Steel Mesh Production

    We offer laser cutting steel mesh PCBA technology on the spot. Our turnkey pcb assembly service provides you with a one-stop service. We guarantee that your project will be completed efficiently.

  • Solder Paste Printing
    Solder Paste Printing

    PCBasic offers Alpha RoHS compliant solder paste during PCB assembly services. This ensures that our SMT PCB assembly line is very regulated. We ensure that all PCB manufacturing and assembly products are compliant and safe.

  • SPI Inspection
    SPI Inspection

    During the SPI inspection process, we can ensure the solder paste of each solder joint is clean and ready for printed board assembly.

  • SMT Patch
    SMT Patch

    PCBasic offers a world-leading PCB assembly service. As a leading PCB assembly company, quality is our priority. We integrate the latest PCBA technology to ensure consistency and quality every single time.

  • IPQC First Inspection
    IPQC First Inspection

    Independent inspection system, fully automatic detection with accurate traceability ensures the correct placement of electronic PCB assembly materials.

  • KIC Test of Furnace Temperature Setting
    KIC Test of Furnace Temperature Setting

    Ensures the temperature reflow standards for each product during our electronics assembly services.

  • Reflow Soldering
    Reflow Soldering

    PCBasic employs advanced reflow soldering technology to securely affix electronic components onto printed circuit boards, ensuring robust electrical connections between them.

  • AOI Inspection Setting
    AOI Inspection Setting

    Ensuring the reliability of each welding point during the PCB assembly service.

  • X-ray Sampling
    X-ray Sampling

    PCBasic offers top-notch inspection. Our inspection and analysis of BGA welding is the latest X-Ray sampling technology. We ensure proper welding on each printed circuit board assembly project.

  • Wave Soldering
    Wave Soldering

    PCbasic wave soldering technique ensures the quality during the SMT PCB assembly process.

  • AOI Inspection
    AOI Inspection

    As a leading PCB assembly manufacturer, we must ensure quality by AOI inspection. We can confirm each welding point over the PCB fabrication and assembly process.

  • Three anti-paint
    Three anti-paint

    this technique allows us to confirm the surface of the PCBA and make sure it's free of dust and other soldering left-over points.

  • CNC Board
    CNC Board

    PCBasic pcb assembly company owns cutting-edge CNC technology and machinery. We can ensure the flatness of every printed circuit board plate edge.

  • Functional Testing
    Functional Testing

    We can ensure product performance testing and quality by using functional testing techniques during t

  • Assemble

    We offer printed circuit board assembly services and turnkey assembly. We can help you change the idea stage to a complete working product.

  • QA Inspection
    QA Inspection

    once the product is fabricated successfully, PCBasic will perform a final QA inspection test before delivery.

  • Packing

    According to the customer's needs, we package the final products with ESD protection packages.

  • Delivery Logistics
    Delivery Logistics

    We cooperate with leading delivery agencies to ensure quality and speed of delivery to our worldwide customers.

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How does PCBasic’s MES system effectively control the PCBA production process?
The Most Common Problems in PCB Assembly
The difficulties of pcb assembly small batch orders:
1.The number of pcb assembly orders from customers is too small
2.The pcb BOM provided by the customer is not standard
3.PCB design with manufacturing defects
4.Large EMS manufacturers are reluctant to accept small pcb assembly orders
5.Small pcb factories are not standardised and the quality of the pcb assembly is not guaranteed and professional service is not available
In response to these difficulties in pcb production orders, pcbasic has developed its own production management system. We are able to guarantee quality delivery, whether for large quantities or for small orders of up to 100.
Why we need to self-develop PCB Assembly MES system?
In pcb production, we find that the BOM information submitted by the customer is often wrong.

For example:
1. C0603X223K1RACAUTO capacitors are marked with 5PCS, but the actual amount is C1-C6.
2.There are 6PCS, LED, IC and other parts and the direction polarity label is not clear.
We have developed a set of fast production systems for multi-species small batch PCBA in accordance.
What are the advantages of our PCB Assembly manufacturing execution system?
Pcbasic's MES systems not only solve the difficulties of small orders but also enable the pcb assembly process to deliver orders quickly.
The advantages of Pcbasic's MES systems are. Every step of the pcb assembly process is checked by specialist equipment. So no matter which part of the process has a problem, it can be detected and solved in time. We can deliver orders within 24 to 48 hours. The improved order delivery time has increased our production turnaround. Not only have we reduced production costs, but the number of orders produced each month has increased significantly.
1.The user can automatically obtain quotations, and the material information is clear and concise.
2.We upload all the data of the pcb assembly process in real-time so that users can view the order progress table at any time.
3.pcb professional process engineers who evaluate each process step. When a problem arises, the process engineer provides the optimal solution.
4.MES systems' anti-static protection measures reduce damage to chips from static electricity.
5.prototype pcb assemblies are tested, and feedback from users is given before mass production.
What are the factors that affect the price of PCB assembly service
During the PCB assembly service you might encounter diverse pricing from project to project. The pricing calculated through multiple factors such as: 1. amount of the Pcb assembly components 2. PCB layers, 3. PCBA layers (top and bottom or just a single layer) 4. components cost, 5. tests and certification  In order to ensure low cost and fast production, always ensure design quality and prototyping before mass production. the larger the quantity during the PCB assembly mass production, the lower the price of PCB assembly service will be. Another factor will be if you choose only PCB assembly or one-stop-service . We suggest to let us handle all the components purchasing, assembly and production in order to ensure lower price and higher consistency.
Why Choose PCBASIC As Your PCB Assembly manufacturer
PCBasic has 15 years of accumulated knowledge of PCB assembly service. We have developed a custom MES system in order to ensure top quality at every production. PCBasic support prototyping and mass pcb production. We verify and test all our PCB components before PCB assembly fabrication. We use high-quality materials such as “ALPHA” Japanese solder paste. PCBasic ensure to package all the products well during delivery. During the Pcb assembly fabrication, our customers are able to see real-time data of the production process and status. We have an enormous facility with dozens of SMT lines that are able to tackle any project at different size and requirements . PCBasic source our components from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. We perform AOI and advance X-Ray tests on all the fabricated hardware. We ensure pcb assembly quality over the entire manufacturing procedure. If you are looking for quick turn PCB assembly manufacturer, PCBasic is here to serve you. We take your project from idea to mass production.
How to prevent electrostatic damage to IC chips
It is very important to protect electronic devices and PCB components from ESD. Anti-static protection prevents high voltages and currents from electrostatic shocks from reaching the IC. The most common method is to connect a TVS diode between the line carrying the signal and ground. If an ESD pulse occurs, the diode shunts the resulting current to the ground protection circuit. The ESD diode is between the interface connector and the IC. It can prevent EOS from damaging the IC by placing ESD on the signal line.
SMT PCB Assembly Service Process
PCBasic offers all the PCB assembly services. one-stop-service for the PCB assembly process include manufacturing, production, testing, purchasing, packaging. you can choose a one-stop-service solution or a single PCBA service. PCBasic will ensure top quality and consistency over all the products manufactured during the PCB assembly service.

SMT operation process

SMT operation process
Check Component Material Requisition Check The Installation Of Components uquipment Measurenent And Material Verification And Material Verification And Checking Coordinates IPQC Check Materials Component Supply
Volume Production First Sample Board Confirmation Complete SMT Placement Coordinate Correction QC First Article Inspect First Automatic Placement
QC First Article Inspect QC First Article Inspect
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PCBasic firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard, every process of production, and every detail of service!