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Our Advantages

As a professional PCBA manufacturer in China, our SMT surface mount technology has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency.
Fully automatic SMT production line
As a leading PCBA manufacturer in China, we have first-class manufacturing technologv, perfect quality assurance system, quick response and caring service to provide customers with complete high-end manufacturing process solutions.
PCBA Solder Wave lines
Our turnkey pcb assembly service will provide you with a perfect fast pcb prototype solution. It is also called the PCB assembly line and SMT assembly line.
Post-soldering PCBA production line
Our prototype pcb assembly services provide customers with complete high-end manufacturing process solutions.
Daily mounting capacity: 1.6 million points
As a well-known PCBA manufacturer in China, our monthly total mounting capacity is 50 million points. Our pcb design services cost is also competitive with peers.
Monthly total mounting capacity : 50 million points

application area

Industrial equipment Industrial equipment

As one of China's professional electronic component suppliers, we power most of the equipment in industrial facilities.

Manufacturing equipment: Electronic power drills and presses. Power equipment: DC to AC power inverters, solar cogeneration equipment, etc. Measuring equipment: Our electronic components manufacturing supplies power to equipment that measures and controls pressure, temperature, and other factors.

Telecommunications equipment Telecommunications equipment

The telecommunications industry is the most widely used field of our PCB products.

Telecom towers: Telecom towers need PCBs that can withstand different outdoor environments. Office communication equipment: PCB is required for almost all communication equipment, including telephones, modems, and routers. As current information and data become more and more complex, electronics parts supply will become more critical to the communications industry.

Medical Devices Medical Devices

Electronic parts manufacturers play an increasingly important role in the equipment required for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment in the healthcare industry.

Medical imaging systems: CT, CAT, and ultrasound scanners. Computers that compile and analyze these images also usually require electronics parts supply. Monitors: heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose monitors, etc., all rely on pcb electronic components to obtain accurate readings.


As a professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer in China, we provide online pcb design and manufacture and one-stop pcb assembly services. We can be the best pcb assembly company choice for electronic engineers in the world.

  • 100+

    As a pcb assembly manufacturer, we serve more than 100 countries and regions.

  • 120000+

    Our PCB prototype assembly service more than 120,000 global users

  • 1000+

    PCB design and layout order documents daily more than 1000 pieces

  • 96.15%

    Our one-stop pcb assembly service has a 96.15% on-time delivery.

CustomerTimeOrder NumberTypeQuantityDeliveryAmount
  • Laura J. Stock 05-15pcb05***12 Patch600pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 829.72
  • Zhen Chu 06-12pcb10***01 Patch350pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 305.15
  • Connor Gepp 07-15pcb01***04 Patch300pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 291.02
  • Vanessa Seiler 06-28pcb08***55 Patch400pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 342.11
  • Fen Hsieh 06-24pcb20***85 Patch200pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 235.29
  • Monica Sergeyeva 06-23pcb04***10 Patch260pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 293.19
  • Elif Axelsson 07-02pcb30***45 Patch420pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 499.69
  • Cebrail van de Graaf 07-10pcb04***05 Patch290pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 384.83
  • Pauline Tobiassen 07-20pcb09***10 Patch750pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 727.55
  • Veronica Avdeyeva 05-13pcb18***42 Patch630pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 648.61
  • Laura J. Stock 05-08pcb53***71 Patch523pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 464.94
  • Mark Kylander 12-24pcb10***73 Patch280pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 379.57
  • Brodie Rabin 12-24pcb77***47 Patch50pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 148.61
  • Laura J. Stock 06-40pcb70***10 Patch150pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 277.09
  • Anthony Laidler 04-24pcb40***7. Patch1000pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 565.02
  • Viviane van Roosmalen 12-24pcb40***17 Patch120pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 273.07
  • Anne Reinhardt 05-25pcb10***72 Patch200pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 362.23
  • Marius Nielsen 05-03pcb30***04 Patch560pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 592.88
  • Susanna Ilyina 06-09pcb90***10 Patch360pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 444.89
  • Egil Johansson 07-13pcb17***72 Patch360pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 444.89
  • Jo-ann Xhofleer 08-12pcb05***22 Patch100pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 260.06
  • Uwe Durr 08-05pcb45***12 Patch450pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 368.42
  • Kristian Nielsen 07-26pcb65***72 Patch550pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 $ 588.24

Quality Control Process

Quality Testing

As a professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer, our fully automatic SMT production line has 13-step circuit board testing procedures. The ultimate experience the quality exceeds customer satisfaction.

Process Evaluation
01Process Evaluation

PCB inspection can detect whether the product is faulty as soon as possible after the manufacturing is completed.

IQC incoming inspection
02IQC incoming inspection

Incoming Quality Control (IQC) is the process of controlling the quality of materials and parts used to make a PCB before production begins.

Material intelligent warehousing
03Material intelligent warehousing

Smart warehouses are large buildings that store PCB raw materials and final products. It makes use of computers and machines to perform common warehouse operations that were previously done by humans.

SPI(Solder Paste Inspection)
04SPI(Solder Paste Inspection)

Inspection of solder paste ensures that it is correctly deposited on the circuit board.

Online AOI Detection
05Online AOI Detection

AOI is an automatic visual inspection method, mainly used to test defects in PCBA boards.

SMT first article inspection
06SMT first article inspection

First article inspection (FAI) refers to in-depth verification and comparability of PCB design and manufacturing results.

IPQC Process Inspection
07IPQC Process Inspection

IPQC is a control system that monitors the PCB manufacturing process, from the purchase and final packing to shipment.

Offline AOI detection
08Offline AOI detection

Automated optical inspection (AOI) is a mechanical visual inspection of printed circuit board manufacturing.

X-RAY Detection
09X-RAY Detection

X-RAY detection is an excellent method for PCB board testing and finding hidden defects.

QC Visual inspection
10QC Visual inspection

QC Visual inspection is one of the PCB testing methods commonly used by PCBA manufacturers.

Automatic welding
11Automatic welding

This step is to use mechanical automation to weld PCB stencils and parts.

Automatic splitter
12Automatic splitter

PCB & PCBA manufacturer realizes the automatic PCB splitting machine instead of manual splitting.

QA Final Inspection
13QA Final Inspection

FQC is the final stage of product quality control for PCB products before packaging. Product errors will be identified at this stage.



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