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hty pcba video



We invite our customers to watch how PCBasic, a PCB assembly manufacturer, produces PCBA in the PCB production line. Not many companies allow us to see those "behind the scenes" of printed wiring board assembly and PCB manufacturing assembly. Still, we are confident in our technology and would like to share that knowledge in PCB printed circuit board assembly with our fans.


During the PCB production process, you'll be able to see and learn the PCBA manufacturing process, SMT board assembly, electronic circuit board assembly, and PCB manufacturing methods in the PCB manufacturing steps. 


PCB manufacturing and assembly require many different steps and methods. We want to expose our customers to the bare PCB manufacturing process and what goes behind the PCB manufacturing and assembly scene during the multilayer PCB fabrication and production of printed circuit boards. PCB manufacturing process steps are complex and unique and involve many things people couldn't even think of. The PCB printed circuit board assembly goes through various procedures to ensure high-quality PCB manufacturing and assembly in our custom-made PCB assembly line.


PCBasic is a PCB production and assembly leader with multiple PCB production machines and equipment on our PCB manufacturing line. We surely can bring any PCB board assembly project to life, and during this video, we hope to show the PCB production process and the professional PCB manufacturing process.


Share the SMT board manufacturing process video with your friends so others can learn about electronic board assembly, PCB board assembly, and the SMT manufacturing process in general.

To make the industry more efficient, come to PCBasic for free sample assembly.

PCBasic firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard, every process of production, and every detail of service!