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thick copper pcb



With the rapid development of IT industry, CI industry, PC and new energy vehicles, the wide application of power supply industry has also been developed by leaps and bounds. Power supply industry is the basic industry for the development of various high-tech industries. The power supply industry has been unprecedentedly developed and applied in aviation, aerospace, aerospace, ships, self-control and self-guidance, sophisticated weapons, atomic energy, military modernization, medicine, communication, transportation, electric power, electronics, environmental protection and other fields, and the demand for thick copper PCB board is also unprecedented.

Thick copper PCB refers to products with inner PCB copper thickness or outer PCB copper thickness greater than or equal to 3OZ(105um) (when the PCB copper thickness of the products exceeds 300μm, this kind of products is called ultra-thick copper PCB), which is very different from other products in terms of thick copper PCB, and has obvious characteristics in product application and manufacturing. Thick copper plays an important role in PCB circuit board design, bearing high-power devices. After the use of high-power devices, First of all, it is necessary to consider the capability of excessive current of the PCB circuit board. In order to achieve excessive current, it is only necessary to increase the cross-sectional area of the wires of the PCB circuit board. However, electronic products are becoming more and more intensive and high-level. In the design end, it is more important to use thick copper PCB to solve the problem of large current.

Ⅰ、Development status of thick copper PCB board products
Classification and application fields of thick copper PCB products: The demand of thick copper PCB technology for circuit boards is also increasing in various fields. In the design of high-current and high-voltage products, many of them are used in automobile electronics, communication equipment, aerospace equipment, network power supply, transformers, power converters, power modules, etc., involving automobile, aviation, new energy, electric power (electric locomotive), semiconductor lighting LED, and even military products.

1.1 Thick copper PCB in communication field
The power market is closely related to the development of China's power industry, and the power industry is showing a steady and rapid development trend. Equipment investment and industrial upgrading have brought many opportunities to the power transmission and distribution industry. Electric power, including power supply market, shows a stronger growth momentum.
1.2 Thick copper PCB of Power Supply of Power Equipment
1.3 Thick copper PCB in the field of industrial control (industrial application) Thick copper PCB products protect the reliable operation of industrial automation equipment.
First, the application of AC/AC converter and AC/DC converter to power electronics and power transmission technology in vehicles will accelerate the industrialization process of on-board charger, DC converter and motor driver of electric passenger cars/industrial electric vehicles; Use a large number of AC/AC converters, AC/DC converters. Second, the application in medical equipment.
With the continuous development of beauty industry, beauty medical devices are also developing. Thick copper PCB power boards are widely used in medical devices, such as laser controllers and medical beauty products (for example, a thick copper product of our company is a medical beauty product). The number of such products is small, but the price in the market is very high. The characteristics of such products are high copper thickness requirements, and the number of layers is generally 4-6. For the high performance requirements of products, our company has formed a complete system.
1.4 Thick copper PCB of planar transformer
The high-current PCB circuit board is used to replace the early transformer in the form of cable wiring, which greatly improves the degree of freedom of wiring and the reliability of products, thus realizing the miniaturization of terminal products and the reliability of products.
1.5 Thick copper PCB of Thick Copper Plate Products of Intelligent Transportation
First, the use of thick copper PCB products for automotive electronic products; With the increasing environmental protection requirements of the automobile industry, more and more electric vehicles are used in automobile manufacturing. Electric vehicle needs charging device.
Second, the use of thick copper PCB products for ships and high-speed rail traffic; A large number of thick copper products are also used in high-speed rail and ships to provide energy.
Third: Others: the use of thick copper PCB products for small aircraft (model aircraft);
1.6 Thick copper PCB of Thick Copper Plate Products of Military Products
Thick copper PCB products are widely used in the energy power supply devices of military products.
1.7 Thick copper PCB of led lighting
LED lighting is mainly used for aluminum-based thick copper PCB, and currently it is mainly used in heat dissipation lighting systems.
Ⅱ、Related characteristics of thick copper PCB
2.1 Characteristics of Thick Copper PCB
Thick copper PCB products are mainly used in high-power equipment, high-current devices, and high-stability current to provide stable and reliable power supply guarantee. Therefore, the line and copper thickness of such products and their withstand voltage and heat dissipation have very strict requirements.
2.2 Development direction of products related to thick copper PCB board
2.2.1 Copper thickness of thick copper PCB (14OZ)
2.2.2 Mechanical blind drilling of thick copper PCB
2.2.3 Thick copper PCB+aluminum PCB board
2.2.4 Local thick copper (single layer thick copper, plane local thick copper)
2.2.5 batch implementation of POFV process;
2.2.6 High-layer thick copper PCB;
2.2.7 thick copper blind hole PCB;
Ⅲ、Core technology of thick copper PCB production
3.1 Process flow of thick copper PCB products:
The process flow and process control of thick copper PCB is far greater than that of ordinary products. Its main process control lies in the front-end design and the control of key processes such as parameter optimization (pressing, drilling, etching, solder resist).
3.2 Manufacturing Difficulties, Core Technologies and Solutions
A. high frequency——use of high frequency materials and back drilling
B. High density——mechanical blind buried hole, POFV, depth-controlled blind hole
C. High reliability——high pressure resistance
D. High heat dissipation——thick copper foil, locally thick copper, mixed pressure of various materials.
E. environmental protection——lead-free and halogen-free materials
Ⅳ、Risk analysis of thick copper PCB production
4.1 Design capability of thick copper PCB products:
There are mature manufacturing processes and methods of thick copper PCB in domestic large-scale PCB manufacturers, and our company has also improved the thick copper products one after another, but there are still many shortcomings. Combining with the development trends of the industry and our manufacturing process of thick copper PCB, we independently developed a complete set of control and control design schemes about the lamination and folding of thick copper PCB, compensation between lines and glue filling between super thick copper PCB.

4.2 Materials and key equipment for key processes of thick copper PCB products

4.2.1 Selection of materials
Plate selection: Thick copper plates have very high requirements for plates. Our company uses all domestic and foreign high TG plates and high frequency products when making thick copper plates;
Thick copper PCB drilling technology:
The drilling of thick copper PCB is a major difficulty in drilling technology. The thicker the copper, the greater the loss of the drill bit. When our company produces thick copper PCB, a special UC thick copper drill bit is used as the drill tool. Combined with the drilling parameters of thick copper PCB, the produced hole wall is flat and smooth, and no phenomenon of hole wall cracking or rough hole wall is found.
Selection of etching solution: Etching is the key technology of circuit manufacturing and imaging. With the increase of copper thickness, the etching difficulty increases, and the quality of the circuit is difficult to control.
Solder resistance printing: Thick copper screen printing mainly considers the binding force between soldermask and base material. The thicker the copper, the more soldermask is needed to fill between lines, and the more bubbles will be generated. To solve this problem, our company purchased a solder resistance vacuum pump to solve the quality abnormality of soldermask bubbles in thick copper PCB, and the edge of the produced product line is flat without bubbles.
Selection of gong knives: All thick copper PCB are made of high TG materials, and the higher the TG value, the strict requirements for the selection of knives. For thick copper products, our company specially ordered a titanium-plated gong knife to produce thick copper plates, so as to ensure the smooth edges of the produced plates;

Ⅴ、thick copper PCB product quality control risks
Thick copper PCB products are all used for high-current and high-power products, so the process quality control must be strictly controlled. The R&D department identified the process difficulties and key control points of thick copper PCB products according to the product characteristics of thick copper PCB, and formulated the Design and Operation Guidelines for Thick Copper PCB and the Process Failure Mode Control for Thick Copper PCB, which effectively controlled the product design, process control and finished product performance test to ensure that thick copper PCB products meet customer requirements. According to this design requirement and process quality control, the quality of thick copper PCB produced by our company has reached a stable state at present, and obtained the following results.

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