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Rapid Proofing and small batch production

We focus on sample and small batch production,and can produce samples within 24 hours at the soonest

Fast batch production

Sufficient equipment provides a strong guarantee for batch production, we can deliver in 3-5 days .

Ultra-high precision

Advanced production and inspection equipment are our guarantee of high quality,we promise you 100% full inspection before shipment

Multiple materials

We have rich experience in processing technology and can process many different types of materials

Lower cost

The rationality of the process arrangement greatly reduces the cost

Customization of surface treatment

A large number of surface treatment processes to give you more choices

CNC Machining Services

CNC machining materials

* If you do not find the material you want in the list, you can contact our account manager.
Aluminium Alloy 6061 5052 2A12 7075 6063
Stainless Steel 303 304 316 316L 420
430 17-4PH 301 321 /
Alloy Steel Q235 (A3 steel) 45 steel Cr12 Cr13 40Cr
Spring steel-65Mn Die steel-SKD11 / / /
Copper Alloy Brass-H59 Brass-H62 Red copper - T2 Oxygen-free copper TU2 Tin bronze-QSn-6-6-3
Beryllium copper-C17200 / / / /
Other Alloys Electrician pure iron-DT4C Electrician Pure Iron-DT4E Titanium alloy-TC4 Magnesium alloy - AZ91D /
Plastic Engineering plastics - ABS PTFE - PTFE Saigang - POM Bakelite PMMA
Polypropylene-PP PPS Polyurethane PU PVC-PVC Epoxy board FR4
Polyethylene-HDPE Polyethylene-LDPE Nylon-PA6 Nylon-PA66 Polycarbonate - PC
Special Materials Carbon fiber board Graphite / / /
Applicable materials:

Product Show And Surface Treatment

Satin Anodized
Hard anodizing
Zinc Plated
Nickel Plated
Chrome Plated
Brass Plated
Statin finish
Laser carving
Silkscreen printing
Oven baked
Copper Plated
Applicable materials:
Manufacturing strength and equipment

2,000m2 self-operated factory

500+ precision equipment

Inspection Equipment And Certification


Get the support you need on CNC machining and engineering information by reading the FAQ here
What is precision CNC milling or CNC machining? -
Precision machining technology refers to all kinds of machining technology whose machining accuracy and surface smoothness are higher than those of each corresponding machining method. Precision machining technology includes precision cutting (such as diamond boring, precision turning, wide-edge finishing, etc.) and high smooth and high precision grinding. Precision machining accuracy is generally 10~0.1μm, tolerance class is above IT5, surface roughness Ra is below 0.1μm. Precision machining process involves turning, milling, drilling, gear cutting, grinding and other processes. Precision machining usually requires computer numerical control or CNC programming, which allows for the conversion of special designs into precise shapes through multiple dimensions.
How to distinguish three-axis machining center, four-axis machining center and five-axis machining center? +
To understand what a three-axis machining center, a four-axis machining center, and a five-axis machining center are, we must first understand the six degrees of freedom of an object. The object has six degrees of freedom in space, namely the freedom of movement along the three rectangular axes x, y and z and the freedom of rotation around the three axes A, B and C. It is customary to call the above six independent motions the six degrees of freedom.
Three axis machining center as the name suggests, only three axes are respectively XYZ axis (that is, only open movement degrees of freedom X, Y, Z, no open rotation degrees of freedom A, B, C). Three-axis machining center is our common and commonly used machining center, three-axis machining center we usually call it three-axis linkage machining center, it can be three axes with movement at the same time to achieve processing, three-axis machining center price is also cheap processing center inside, there are vertical and horizontal points, vertical three-axis machining center can effectively process only the top surface of the workpiece, Even a horizontal three-axis machining center can only process four surfaces with the help of the rotary function of the table. In daily work, we just simple processing a plane, not to do complex technology, so the three axis is the first choice.
Four axis machining center is x, Y, z axis plus A rotation axis, usually we call a axis, and the fourth axis can not only move alone but also can respectively and another axis or two axis or the four axis at the same time. Generally speaking, it can be understood that adding the fourth axis can make the plane of tool processing more widely, and can reduce the workpiece repeated clamping, improve the overall processing accuracy of the workpiece, which is conducive to simplifying the process and improving production efficiency. The fourth axis is also called the numerical control indexing plate, rotating table. It is used to process different parts of the workpiece from different angles, which effectively improves the machining accuracy and efficiency. Suitable for processing rotating workpiece, turning and milling composite parts.
Five-axis linkage machining center is also called five-axis machining center. It is a kind of machining center with high science and technology content and high precision, specially used for machining complex curved surface. This kind of machining center system has a decisive influence on a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment and other industries. Five axis machining center has x,y,z,a,c five axis, xyz and ac axis form five axis linkage processing, good at space surface processing, shaped processing, hollow processing, drilling, oblique hole, oblique cutting. It is the only means to solve the processing of impeller, blade, Marine propeller, heavy generator rotor, turbine rotor, large diesel engine crankshaft and so on.
What is the main job of a precision machining engineer? +
(1) Processing product quotation;
(2) Determine the processing technology of products based on their own experience;
(3) Use the CNC machining skills honed to select the appropriate tool and tool parameters and processing parameters, write processing procedures, so that the product processing efficiency is higher, more secure quality;
(4) Actively communicate with the engineering team on relevant technical issues, so as to strengthen the overall processing ability;
(5) Ensure product safety!
What are the CNC precision machines? +
"Computer numerical control", abbreviated as CNC, is the automatic machine controlled by the computer number. That is to say, as long as it is controlled by the computer digital automation machine can be called CNC machine, including CNC lathe, machining center, CNC wire cutting, CNC punch, CNC laser cutting machine and so on. Many people mistakenly think that CNC is CNC machining center, this kind of talk is not quite correct.