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Stencil Online Quote

  • Stencil mesh Steel sheet
  • Grinding polish (no additional charge) Electrolytic polishing (with additional fee)
  • Top layer Bottom Layer Top and Bottom(On Single Stencil) Top and Bottom Layer(On Separate Stencil)
  • 0.08mm 0.10mm 0.12mm 0.15mm 0.2mm
  • pcs
  • Solder paste mesh Red glue mesh
  • No Mark Non Half-cut marks through hole NPTH Hole
  • According to the "Steel Mesh Production Specification and Agreement" for production, you need to confirm the pdf file to cut
  • No need invoice Need invoice

Every SMT stencil design requires a stencil for PCB assembly. PCBasic is the leading PCB stencil maker and SMT stencil manufacturer to produce your required circuit board stencil at the top quality possible. In our intelligent quotation system, you'll be able to receive an instant PCB quote, PCBA quote as well as PCB stencil quotation for your projects without the need to communicate with a salesperson manually. Below, you can set your PCB stencil requirements and get an instant PCB stencil quote. If you have any other concerns or questions about the PCB stencil or PCB quote process, please reach us anytime!



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