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How To Repair PCB

What is pcb repair?

How to fix a pcb? We know that PCB boards contain a variety of electronic components. Due to the complex production and assembly process of pcb circuit boards, problems are inevitable. During the pcb inspection process, we will repair pcb in time. Or, in the application process of electronic products, the pcb circuit will also fail. But we need to be clear that the reason for PCB damage is generally external factors, such as electronic components falling off, short circuit, etc. For general circuit board failure, we find the cause, and then use appropriate methods to pcb repair. We were able to restore board functionality without a hitch.

Common factors of pcb failure or common pcb problems

1. Static electricity causes defects in pcb electronic components

In the process of inspection, we often find defective electronic components. After investigation, most of the component defects appear during the assembly process of the pcb. So, what is the cause of PCB defects? Simply put, it is static electricity. PCBs are sensitive to electrostatic reactions. Even the smallest amount of static can damage a PCB.

2. High temperature burns out pcb components

Burnout of pcb components is a relatively large fault. Severe high-temperature damage may require the replacement of the entire circuit board. If the ambient temperature of the pcb board

repair is above 170 degrees, the electronic components will be burned out. Another situation is that the distance between components on a circuit board is too short. When the pcb circuit board is working, a high temperature will be generated between the electronic components. As a result, the high temperature burns out the electronic components. Finally, the failure of the voltage protection of the circuit board can also cause a failure.

3. Complex environmental factors

The pcb circuit board also has requirements on the humidity and temperature in the environment. If the temperature and humidity are too high, then the pcb board repair will expand. Apart from that, other objects like dust, water, etc. can also be a factor in pcb damage

4. Short circuit failure caused by welding

In general, we use solder to solder pcb electronic components. If the solder has impurities, there is a risk of a short circuit on the board. In addition, if the electronic components are dislocated during the soldering process, the pcb board repair will also be short-circuited.

5. Human Subjective Factors

As the saying goes, a hundred secrets are sparse. Different responsible persons will be involved from the design of the pcb board to the assembly of each link. Therefore, human subjective errors may occur in the production process of each pcb. Of course, these errors are not intentional. In general, common human errors include misreading design drawings and electronic component installation errors. In addition, when welding electronic components, it is not welded well, and there are cases of leakage and lack of welding.

How to repair PCB

1. Looking for a professional pcb repair

For the more common pcb faults, we can completely the pcb board  repair. We find out the cause of the failure through professional testing equipment. Remove damaged parts and replace with good electronics. If the damage is severe, we will reassemble. However, this pcb repair work requires professional pcb board repairers to complete. Because the work is very professional. If you don’t have the basics, you’re probably going to make things worse. What's more, repairing pcb circuit boards requires very specialized tools.

2. With professional inspection tools

So, when we check out that there are missing parts on the pcb circuit board, how to repair it? Obviously, the solution to the problem is simple. That is which pcb electronic component is missing, we can just reassemble it. Yes, this is the way to solve the problem. First, the maintenance crew needs a voltmeter and various electronic components. Of course, the most important thing is that the maintenance personnel should clearly know where each electronic component is on the pcb board. The premise of this maintenance method is that the professional knowledge of maintenance personnel must be rich. First, we want to check the conductivity of the pcb. If the pcb does not conduct electricity normally, it means that there is a problem with an electronic component.

Then the question is, how to check it? Do you rely on your eyes to check? Of course not, we need professional inspection tooling. As long as the pcb board is put on, the computer can display the cause of the failure. In this way, we can easily find out what is wrong with the PCB.

3. How to Repair Damaged Printed Circuits

We know that intricate circuits on pcb boards are printed in batches. What should we do when we find that the visual inspection damages the circuit?
First, we check the wiring of the circuit board by scanning the instrument. We can easily check for short circuits and wear problems. Even without the help of inspection tools, problems can be detected by careful observation. In general, complete printed circuits are very bright. Then, the place where the light perception is not good should be the place where the fault occurs. Finding the damage is the first step. Then, we re-weld the damaged areas with welding material. Finally, after the pcb repair is completed, check again whether the problem is solved normally.

4. How to solve pcb design defects

If the reason for the failure of the pcb is a design defect, how to solve this situation?
This phenomenon can be tricky. Because in the beginning, you will not find this problem. When pcb circuit boards often have various failures, you have to consider whether the design itself is unreasonable. The best way to solve this problem completely is to not let it happen. Because this cost is huge, it is impossible for us to find the designer’s mistake after designing the pcb circuit board. So we are looking for a powerful pcb factory. In the initial circuit design, they can give the perfect answer.

Tools needed for pcb repair Professional

1. pcb maintenance knowledge

The premise of repairing pcb is that you have to learn to master the professional knowledge of pcb circuit board. Due to the complicated reasons for the failure of the circuit board, we should judge which method is the best to use according to professional knowledge. General knowledge of electronic components and circuits is a piece of must-have knowledge.

2. Various pcb repair tools

A soldering iron can melt the tin wire. A soldering iron can be used when soldering electronic components. In addition, a heat gun is also an indispensable tool. Of course, you need to be familiar with how to use these tools.

Materials needed for repairing pcb boards

The material used to the pcbrepair  should be the same as the material of the pcb itself. If the material you use is of poor quality, it will affect the performance of the pcb board. Fiberglass and epoxy resin are the materials of pcb board. You will also prepare the tin wire for soldering electronic components. Sometimes, we also use gold to solder electronic components. In short, the materials used in the maintenance of pcb should be environmentally friendly and safe and ensure that the circuit board can work normally.

What problems should be paid attention to when repairing pcb

There are some how-tos to follow when repairing PCBs. Otherwise, more damage will be caused. Let’s take a look at the caveats.

1. Explosion-proof glasses
Explosion-proof glasses can protect your eyes from sparks. Of particular note is that when the soldering iron melts the tin wire, some liquid will splatter. If you wear riot gear, you will avoid this problem.

2. After the discharge is completed, repair the pcbDischarging is a must when we are preparing to repair PCBs that are being used in electronic equipment. You need to cut off the power and let the pcb board fully discharge. Otherwise, there is a danger of static electricity.

3. Wear an anti-static wristband. Static electricity refers to the movement of sparks on different surfaces. There is a difference in current between these two objects, and the one with more current flows to the one with less current. Thereby static electricity is generated. Therefore, when repairing the pcb board, you must wear an anti-static wristband and wear anti-static work clothes. Anti-static hats and shoes are also worn. This will ensure your safety when repairing the pcb.

4.Clean maintenance environment. Wear work gloves as much as possible when repairing the pcb. If you feel gloves will get in the way of your work, you can also leave them out. But be sure to keep your hands clean and don’t put corrosive things on the pcb board. Also, don’t drip anything with salt onto the circuit board. Salt is a highly corrosive substance and can cause a lot of damage to circuit boards.


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