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What Is The Best PCB Assembly Company

In today's world, electronic technology products' application fields are getting more extensive. The PCBA demands are growing, and the number of PCBA processing manufacturers is increasing daily. However, numbers show that the production quality is uneven as the quantity increases.

Therefore, how can we distinguish high-quality PCBA factories from low-quality ones? This kind of challenge became a massive headache for many customers.

In this article, PCBasic will show you how to find a suitable PCBA manufacturer for your next project.

PCBasic, a china pcb assembly manufacturer, has been developing for over ten years in Shenzhen, China. From the perspective of the PCBA industry, we believe that the following points should distinguish a qualified PCBA processing factory:

Have complete qualification certification

PCBA company certificate

  • Basic qualification certification – ISO9001. It is considered the most common quality management system certification in the industry standard for PCBA processing.
  • Strength qualification certification – IATF16949 certification. IATF16949 indicates that the PCBA processing factory can produce automotive electronic front-end circuit boards and assemble its equipment. Also called the ISO13485 certificate.

  • ISO13485 is the quality management system certification for the medical industry. Compared to ISO9001, those certificates are essential for PCBA manufacturers, And the passing requirements are strict. Both IATF16949 and ISO13485 are considered relatively difficult to earn in technical means.

PCBA factories certification – ensures the quality of the PCB assembly facility.

PCBA factories raw material suppliers

pcb raw material

A qualified PCBA processing factory typically has long-term and stable cooperation with raw material suppliers. The quality of the raw material suppliers indirectly reflects the quality of the PCBA manufacturer. Cheap and inferior raw materials with unstable quality, although the price can be temporarily profitable, will cause significant damage to customers.

At PCBasic, we choose to purchase original parts from regular channels. Those PCBA components distribution channels use high-quality raw materials from standard raw material suppliers. This ensures the quality of circuit boards from the source.

PCBA factories should purchase their board components from trusted sources only.

PCBA factories production equipment

PCBA factories production equipment

High-quality PCBA factories must have professional and advanced production equipment. In addition to the essential PCBA patch plug-in equipment, there are other auxiliary types of equipment.

Full automation can independently complete all processing processes and ensure the precision of IC, BGA, and other components. SMT Mounting will provide the qualified rate of the product.

A factory with a complete production chain like PCBasic can ensure the daily customer output of PCBA quantity. The PCBA factory can also accurately detect defective products, providing quality efficiency and peace of mind.

The equipment in the PCBA factories should be suitable for the type of fabrication.

Corporate environment of pcb assembly company

pcb assembly company

The better the production environment of the PCBA processing factory, the more it represents the high requirements of the factory.

For example, the essential requirement is a clean, tidy, dust-free production workshop and a unified set of electrostatic protective clothing. A higher standard is a ten-centimeter electrostatic chain on the floor, a turnover car, and an electrostatic box to improve the safety and reliability of products. These are the most basic requirements of a qualified PCBA factory.

But they are not considered a standard for all PCBA factories.

PCBasic has seen many dirty production workshops, and the quality of the products produced within them is low. This type of PCBA factory seriously affects customer satisfaction and development.

The environment needs to be dust-free and suitable for PCB assembly manufacturing.

Service attitude of pcb company

Pcba field inspection factory

Choosing a service-minded PCBA manufacturer can be simpler and more efficient in project production and management.

Whether a PCBA production or quality problem, a responsible PCBA manufacturer can quickly respond to customers and use its resources to help customers solve the problems.

When PCBasic helped a customer produce PCBA boards, we encountered defects in the board design. We immediately hired a senior PCBA designer to analyze the board at our own expense. Finally, we found the problem and carried out circuit board repair to help the customer produce the board smoothly.

When customers need it, PCBasic is there. We help customers within our ability. You can trust PCBasic to be your eyes and hands in China.

PCBA factories' service is significant when working with customers around the globe.


PCBasic is a one-stop electronic information solution provider that provides PCB design, PCBA OEM materials, production, and assembly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our manufacturing abilities cover communication, smart home, automotive, medical equipment, vehicle objects, Networking, consumer electronics, industrial HUB, and other fields.

Our professional work ethics are based on more than ten years of PCBA experience, supported by continuous research and development technology, and guaranteed by the action of implementation, which can provide customers with services that exceed any of their expectations.


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