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PCB assembly


Business introduction


PCBasic PCB assembly services expedite your demand-to-market after design files passed to us. Free DFM checks to find design slips, components sourcing from famous agencies, robust PCB assembly manufacturing process and 100% final inspection can ensure safe and quick delivery without any hassle. We have rich experience of PCB assembly for industries such as medical, system controller, IOT, solar power, communication, consumer digital, electrical etc. and have achieved ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, IATF16949, ROHS, SGS certificates.




Provide capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, triodes, field effect transistors (FET), sensors, all kinds of IC and other components

quality control



  • Oven


  • Humidity Sensitive Components Storage Box

    Humidity Sensitive Components Storage Box

  • Intelligent Material Rack

    Intelligent Material Rack



We have reached cooperation with Yunhan core city,MAOZe electronics and other well-known platforms; Ensure the quality of PCBA from the source.


Ensure the quality of PCBA from the source.



  • System Controller PCBA
    System Controller PCBA

    Collecting Data and Compute/Control Switches

  • Solar Control PCBA
    Solar Control PCBA

    control energy storage/consume between solar panel and lithium battery

  • Communication PCBA
    Communication PCBA

    manage SFP 10km communication between stations

  • Medical PCBA
    Medical PCBA

    mainboard to control inspect and print report of blood analysis



Identifying circuit board components and soldering components on PCB is crucial during SMT and PCBA process. At PCBasic, we can check and confirm the quality of SMT components, PCB board components, and other related circuits board parts. All our PCB components are sourced from quality suppliers and partners around the globe.


Printed circuit board components, PCB components, and other PCBA parts are required to pass quality testing. At PCBasic, we test each PCBA component ensuring quality and functionality during multi-stage testing protocols. The circuit board components and PCBA parts that failed the test won't be used, and only after confirmation of functional PCB components and PCBA components can we proceed to the assembly stage.

To make the industry more efficient, come to PCBasic for free sample assembly.

PCBasic firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard, every process of production, and every detail of service!