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As a professional PCB assembly supplier, we have the industry's top-notch machines such as SMT placement machines, siplace machines, SMD placement machines, and more ...


At PCBasic, we own a complete automated PCB assembly line with the best SMT placement equipment and SMT placement machine available on the market. Our SMT placement machine is RoHS compliant; like all the other types of equipment we own, our customers can rest assured their surface mount PCB assembly will be completely compliant while keeping the PCB assembly cost at a very competitive price.


The PCB assembly prices and low-cost services don't come on top of our priority for quality. PCBasic is considered one of the best PCB assembly companies available for your high-speed and mixed-volume PCB and PCBA requirements. With leading SMT placement machine technology and PCB assembly factory available 24/7 in hands, we are proud to be the leading PCB assembly manufacturer and PCB assembly company in China to serve thousands of customers every year.

To make the industry more efficient, come to PCBasic for free sample assembly.

PCBasic firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard, every process of production, and every detail of service!