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Flexible PCB assembly service
PCB manufacturing flexibility We can manufacture 1-6 layers PCB. If your PCB technology exceeds our manufacturing capacity, we will outsource it to our high quality stable factory
Turn key We provide you with all components from authorized parts suppliers or distributors
Elasticity of parts supply Partial key Customers provide parts of the components they like and we will provide other sources as needed
Consignment Parts can be provided by customers, we accept reel, strip, tube reel, bulk and bulk parts
Assembly type SMT, tht and mixed stage, single or double side
Template Provide laser cutting stainless steel mold
Solder type Provide lead-free and lead-free (RoHS compliant) assembly services
Assembly flexibility Plate type Rigid plate, flexible plate, rigid flexible plate, aluminum plate
PCB or panel size The minimum plate size is 10-10 mm, and the plate will be pasted to fit the SMT machine Maximum plate size 330-530
Plate shape There are no restrictions on rectangles, circles and any odd shapes that will adjust the panel for better placement
Assembly Passive components as small as 01005,0201,0402 Active ingredients from 0,25 mm pitch BGA over 0, 25 mm pitch, package cables and wires
Prototype Minimum 5 units in 1-2 days
Volume flexibility Low volume 3-4 days fast turnaround time service for low capacity
High volume Provide accurate delivery to meet your deadline
Total quality assurance
Certification of production facilities ISO 9001 certification
inspect IPC 610-d test specification
Pass rate ≥99.5%
Quality complaint rate ≤0.1%
Repair and rework BGA rebate service acceptable
Pre inspection equipment
Visual inspection General quality inspection
AOI test Check welding effect, lack of components or polarity
X-ray examination Check BGAs, QFN and bare circuit board
KIC temperature test The furnace temperature shall be controlled at: ± Within 0.1
ICT testing In circuit test
Function test Function test customization



During our PCB/PCBA production procedures, we must ensure project quality. We do this by producing multiple PCBA test reports such as PCB functional testing, PCB assembly test, circuit board testing, printed circuit board testing, and testing components on a circuit board provided by our customers. Those PCB functional testing allow us to produce accurate PCBA tests and maintain the low-cost PCB assembly and PCB assembly prices without compromising quality.


As a global PCB assembly manufacturer, PCB assembly supplier, and PCB assembly company producing surface mount PCB assembly, we provide automated PCB assembly services to ensure accurate PCBA test procedures for our customer's satisfaction. Keeping the PCB assembly factory quality high and an errorless environment can provide our customers with a very competitive PCB assembly cost.

To make the industry more efficient, come to PCBasic for free sample assembly.

PCBasic firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard, every process of production, and every detail of service!