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Military PCB manufacturing: Peak Durability Meets Precision

Military-grade PCB is a phrase used to describe robust, powerful, and damage-resistant hardware. Under those terms, military-grade PCB could be any PCB that passed specific requirements.

Yet, a military-grade printed circuit board is often applied in real-life military applications. Thus, the PCB must pass specific tests and obey standard market requirements.

When designing such hardware need to think about all the small details. Compliances, regulations, and other paperwork need great thought as well.

In this article, we will walk you through what is a military PCB. We will explain the fabrication and production process of military-grade hardware.

Which components, materials, and characteristics of military PCB and much more... By the end of this article, you'll be able to understand military PCB concepts.

What are Military PCBs

Military PCBs are a phrase used to describe military applications printed circuit boards. Military applications include tanks, radio equipment, rocket launchers, etc...

Often, applications include other telecommunication and intelligence collection devices.

Due to the type of work, the PCBs must go under, the hardware must pass certain requirements and tests. Another title for military-grade PCBs will be industrial hardware. But, not any industrial hardware. It must be industrial hardware with military-grade robustness and quality.

Many will use the term "military grade" to describe high-quality PCB design. a catchphrase that delivers the point that certain hardware is robust and high-quality. Due to that, there are many misunderstandings about what military-grade hardware is.

Requirements for military PCBs

There are many requirements for military PCBs. The most common conditions have to do with certifications and regulations requirements.

There are certain standards that one must follow. These standards are especially useful when producing, delivering, and selling military PCBs. Such hardware is often sold to governments and large corporations. The standards ensure that your hardware complies with regulations.

It's important to note, different countries and states follow different rules. Thus, there isn't a single rule or standard to follow, instead, each country has its definition. a definition that describes in great detail what military hardware is.

Milit PCBs have strict standards for schematic and layout design. There are many market standards, such as the "IPC 6012 class 3/A". This standard requires the manufacturer to follow rigid design requirements.  The manufacturer and the designer have to read and understand these standards.

Designing and manufacturing military-grade hardware is a tedious task. But, once you get the key points and your way around regulation, things will look much easier.

The hardware is often exposed to chemicals, harsh environments, and outdoor conditions. Thus, requiring not only the PCB but also the shell that holds it to withstand any challenge that comes it's way.

Characteristics of military PCBs

Milit printed circuit boards have very unique characteristics. Such key points allow the military PCB to differentiate from other designs.

Let’s state the most common characteristics of military applications and PCBs:

* High-quality hardware materials - the PCB must be robust. Hardware military applications are no joke. The application includes high hardware-demanding features. Those features will result in more expensive and high-quality components.

* Following known quality standards - QC (quality assurance) is the word. When producing military-grade PCBs quality assurance is everything. Knowing the standards required for military-grade applications will help you produce better hardware. Producing better products will allow you to reach broader markets around the world.

* Environmental stability - Ability to operate in harsh conditions. Military applications go in harsh conditions. Such conditions could include desert, land, sea, and even space. The hardware needs to be made of high-stability and quality materials. Such abilities will ensure the hardware can resist many unexpected environmental factors.

* Communication stability over time - military hardware equals stability. Consumer and even industrial applications don't demand as many tests as military hardware. The military hardware's most famous characteristic is its resistance and stability over time. Especially when it comes to stability in different environments.

* High-temperature resistance - The ability to operate up to 200C. This might sound insane but military hardware operated under extreme conditions. Such conditions often include high temperatures and humidity conditions. The ability to resist those conditions is another characteristic of military PCBs.

Application use cases for military PCBs

Now we understand the characteristics and behavior of military PCBs. Next, let's cover the applications and most popular use cases.

* Telecommunication devices - military-grade radio and technology. These types of equipment can include mobile phones and other communication devices. Satellites and other space equipment are common among military-grade applications. This hardware works at all costs in the harshest environments and conditions.

* Rocket launchers - rockets and missiles that can follow the targets. Such an application is very unique because it requires high-precision integrated circuits. The circuits can calculate distance and targets within microseconds. Such high-speed PCB design only exists n military-grade PCBs.

* Tanks and other types of military vehicles - driving circuits PCBs. Such PCBs control the vehicle's sensory, time, and motion functionalities.  When in need, PCBs inside military vehicles will alert the driver of possible dangers. Such application requires speed, precision, and robust design. Something only possible within the standards of military PCB.

* Medical devices and life support equipment - life support equipment. Such equipment is often needed for military applications. Medical devices used in the military will incorporate PCBs. The PCBs are either in charge of monitoring health conditions or saving lives. Both applications need precision and complete control over life-threatening situations.


Military applications are used in all aspects of our lives. Either to protect us or save our lives. The hardware needs to go by certain standards and quality assurance tests. The tests define what is considered military-grade hardware and what's not. An experienced manufacturer with military-grade PCB expertise needs to fabricate the PCBs. This will ensure the best compatibility and hardware quality over time.

PCBasic, has 15 years of experience in manufacturing, developing, and supporting military-grade applications. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and technical abilities. Our expertise serves global customers at various levels. if you need to design a high-speed, precise, and quality military-grade PCB, reach out to us. We are looking forward to serving you. Knowing we can offer the best military-grade production of PCB and PCBA.

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