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How to effectively prevent a large number of product errors in the PCBA production process

In the production of pcba process, have you ever encountered any bad situations such as product errors, repairs, scrapping, etc? These situations often lead to a series of serious problems such as increasing customer production costs and reducing production efficiency. So how should we try our best to prevent these situations? PCBasic summarizes a set of technical processes for PCBA processing quality control, that is, the first-piece test  of PCBA. Today, let's talk about the first-piece test of PCBA.

What is PCBA First-piece test?

At the beginning of each PCBA order, the first product processed in the production line is called the first product. At the beginning of each PCBA order, the inspection process of the first product processed in the production line is called PCBA first product inspection.

The function of PCBA First-piece test

In the production process, PCBasic's first-piece test can prevent PCBA products from a large number of errors, returning to repair, product scrapping, and so on. First-piece test can control the production process of products in advance and avoid increasing workload, which is an important method of production process quality control.

Many problems can be found in the first-piece test, such as the mismatch between the tray and the station, the wrong feeding or formula, the position, polarity, color, size, positive and negative poles, angle and other systematic reasons for components so that corrective or improvement measures can be taken to prevent batch nonconforming products.

Objectives of PCBA First-piece test

1. Make sure the attributes are correct. We must focus on the need to measure, record, and verify all PCBA attributes mentioned in the overlay design specification. Measurable attributes may include related parameters such as resistance, voltage and size of PCBA components. Whether the position, polarity and angle of components in PCBA processing meet the requirements of technical documents. Whether the welding quality of components meets the requirements of customers or related technical documents.

2. Avoid problems. When quality problems are found in the production of the first piece of PCBA, they should be reflected and dealt with in time. We must write down any difficulties or concerns encountered in the process and reconfirm the unqualified items. We must consult with our customers to check these problems in order to make modifications and corrections. Only the first piece has passed the inspection, and the results are recorded, and finally, the quality is approved by the inspector before the production can be organized.


PCBA First-piece test detector

In pcb manufacturing process,In order to achieve the above goal, PCBasic independently developed and designed a new type of TFT350 first-piece test equipment. The system of this instrument can automatically switch the test gear, automatically read the value, compare it with BOM, and automatically determine PASS or NG. Aim at solving the cumbersome, complicated and error-prone first-article confirmation of SMT, and make the first-piece test become efficient and accurate! Compared with the traditional first article confirmation method, this instrument has many advantages:

1. Save staff: Traditional PCBA first article inspection usually requires two operators. Using PCBasic first article detector, one person can easily be competent.

2. Improve efficiency: Using PCBA first piece detector can save 50%-80% of the first piece detection time, effectively reduce the waiting time of the production line and improve efficiency.

3. Simple operation: the system interface is friendly, with automatic value reading, automatic judgment and prompt sound.

4. Traceability: Automatic generation of PCBA first article report can restore all test parameters.

5. Reliability: The system will automatically check BOM and coordinates without missing or multiple pieces.


PCBA First-piece test process

So, how do we correctly use the self-developed first-piece test instrument to conduct the first article inspection of PCBA?

1. Use the order number on BOM to find the order in the system.

2. Carefully check the original documents and production precautions in PCBA order information.

3. Check the polarity of all components with reference to PCB screen printing diagram.

4. Open PCBA engineering data, download SMT patch program, and generate PCBA test program by BOM and coordinates.

5. After scanning the order number and tester's QR code, start measuring.

6. Complete the test after the polarity check and test.

7.PCBasic inspectors shall make relevant records after passing the inspection according to the regulations, hang the first article identification card and send it to the sample for making.

Precautions for PCBA First-piece test

What should we pay attention to in PCBA first-piece test?

1. First of all, you should do a good job of electrostatic protection. You must wear antistatic overalls and shoes as required, and wear a wrist strap, electrostatic gloves and an electrostatic hat.

2. Pay attention to the principle of handling with care during the first article inspection.

3. During the first article inspection, the inspector shall make a record of the first article in time, make relevant marks on the first article that has passed the inspection according to the regulations, and keep it until the batch of products is completed.

4.  First-piece test must be carried out in time, so as not to reduce production efficiency.

5. The first piece has not passed the inspection, so the processing operation cannot be continued.


First-piece test helps online pcb design and manufacture to find some potential problems in the early stage. For PCBA processing, first-piece tests can effectively ensure the production quality of our products and improve the yield of production lines, thus reducing customer costs and avoiding delivery delays. This is also an effective and indispensable control method for the company to improve economic benefits. This kind of inspection can save a lot of labor costs, reduce the error of manual inspection, improve efficiency in the working process, and provide customers with high-quality products.


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