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How To Online PCB design and Order at PCBasic

In this article, we will cover how PCBasic can help you bring your next idea to life. You
might be wondering how to design PCB online or what is the best online PCB design
service provider, PCBasic is not just a PCBA manufacturer and PCB assembly
company but can also support customers on online PCB design and order, we provide
engineers that can turn your idea into a product in a fast, reliable and affordable way. as
a leading PCBA manufacturer, not only do we help customers to produce the products
but we also strive to help them design them, consult existing problems and fabricate

samples for mass production.

From idea to mass production 

Every design starts with an idea and that’s why we are here, to hear it out. When you

set your online PCB design order, Whenever you have the necessary engineering skills
to understand the technical part of your project or not, we have a team of over 30
engineers to realize how to take an abstract project idea and turn it into a fully functional
product. Once the project design is finished, we will offer a turn-key service, as a PCB
assembly manufacturer and leading PCB assembly company, we can ensure your
project success, from the design stage to a completely fabricated and manufactured

Providing information for quotation 

The first stage will be providing the information for PCBasic to give a project quotation,

as a PCBA manufacturer there are many things we should consider such as
components availability, cost, size, and certifications. when submitting a project for
online PCB design and manufacture quotation it’s important to note this kind of details:
product estimated size, budget for the cost of hardware, power requirements,
certifications, and more ... if not all information persists, don’t you worry. our
experienced engineers can understand the project background and design it according
to your needs. Through our website and platform, we will design a PCB board online
and remotely, and the customer will be able to get updates and progress promptly. The

best online PCB design requires skillful engineers with experience, training, and proper

certifications, all this can be guaranteed by using PCBasic online PCB design and


PCBasic will begin to work on the design

Once the information has been provided, it’s time to work on the design. PCBasic’s
engineers will carefully review all the information that has been submitted by the
customers and if any questions or issues will arise, they will make sure to confirm with
the customer before beginning the PCB board design online job, as a PCBA
manufacturer, PCBasic has a lot of considerations to do when providing customers with
PCB board design online services such as components cost, manufacturing cost, and
product life-span, all this data will be considered according to the customer needs and
specifications to ensure design quality, consistency, and reasonable pricing. The design
job includes PCB schematic and PCB layout design online services, once the project is
complete and approved, all the design materials will be delivered and owned by the

Design is finished and submitted for confirmation

For every design confirmation is needed, as the first revision is finished, it’s time to get

the customer's approval and confirmation. through the online platform, you’ll be able to
get the project progress, design specification, and PCB layout design online view that
will enable you to see the final project design, if any modification or requirements are
needed you can reply directly and revisions will be made to ensure the project is
consistent with the initial requirements. The design is optimized for PCB assembly
manufacturer needs and will not have any issues during the mass production process.
Once the design has been confirmed and approved, the payment method will be
arranged and the design files will be prepared to be delivered. At this stage, if there are
any extra files that are required, the customer can state them in the comment and if
possible those files will gladly be prepared and arranged. As a PCB assembly
manufacturer, we ensure that all the required files for fabrication are delivered in a
proper, easy-to-work-with format.

Delivering the design materials 

The final delivered design once the schematic and PCB layout design online service

has been confirmed will include all the source code, Gerber, drill, and BOM files that are
necessary to produce the submitted project. as a leading PCBA manufacturer, PCBasic
can ensure components availability and will offer a competitive price for PCBA and SMT
services for creating prototypes over the customer design.
All the data, design files, schematics, layouts, and other cooperation secrets will stay
completely confidential, the intellectual property is owned by the consumer, and, once
approved, the digital data is safely secured and will be used for fabrication and PCB
assembly manufacturing purposes only.

Why Design with PCBasic

There are many PCBA manufacturers in the market but not all of them will offer a turn

key design to production services such as PCBasic’s. At our company, we have
accumulated over 15 years of experience with over 30 engineers that can accomplish
different projects with different requirements. PCBasic engineers go through many
phases of training to ensure they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required
to tackle different challenges. as a PCBA manufacturer, PCBasic can offer components,
PCB, Stencil, QC, testing, and SMT production with ease. a complete turn-key solution
for every project's needs.

We offer the customers a complete simulation of the project to ensure the project

functionality before fabrication, PCBasic owns multiple tools, including patented
techniques and machinery to offer the quality of service, speed, and reliable design.
Using PCBasic turn-key services eliminates the need to find multiple suppliers to do
Design, PCB, PCBA, Testing, mass production, and logistics. PCBasic as a leading
PCB assembly company can offer all this and much more at a fraction of time and cost,
enabling customers to focus on what matters the most and it’s the product itself.
PCBasic PCB assembly company has rich design cases and customers satisfaction
projects in areas such as IT communication, Multimedia products, computer electronics,
Aerospace, industrial applications, medical instruments, and much more ...
Our design services offer enclosure design, layout, and schematic design, machine
vision and intelligent manufacturing development, and more. PCBasic designs comply
with international standards such as RoHS, CE, and ISO, different requirements for
certifications can be requested during the quotation stage and we would more than
happy to assist you to bring your project to life.


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