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The advantages of PCB assembly in China

When it comes to pcb fabrication for your project there are just way too many pcb company available,

there are many pcb assembly companies all around the world. But the most pcb companies and pcb manufacturing in China 

is the best choice for your project. In this article, we will follow

up about the advantages of PCB assembly in China, the differences between different

PCB assembly companies in China, and the pcb assembly services  they provide.

Where PCB assembly is fabricated in China

China is a big country and when we think about China we might not consider where
exactly in China PCBA is most likely to be fabricated. Most of the assembly PCB china
manufacturers are located in Guangdong province or more specifically either Shenzhen
or Dongguan cities, this is due to the fact that those facilities have access to electronics
markets, suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics companies that can deliver the final
fabricated product through Hong Kong to any country worldwide.
China PCB assembly services include electronic components sourcing, PCB
production, and PCB assembly often called “one-stop-service” is a popular choice when
deciding to produce printed circuit board assembly in China.
Often PCB assembly manufacturer in China requires special facilities and types of
equipment, thus, such PCBA facilities can be found in industrial areas at an hour driving
distance from the city center, China also cares a lot about environmental protection and
safety so such factories are designed not to be in the middle of crowded and populated


Shenzhen as a first-tier choice for fabrication

Shenzhen is known as “the silicon valley of hardware” and also there is another term
used to describe Shenzhen as “Shenzhen speed”, things in Shenzhen usually happen
at a much faster speed, while choosing your PCB assembly manufacturer in China it will
be a good suggestion to find one which is based in Shenzhen, this will ensure
components availability, production speed and minimum delays during the product

fabrication process.

While producing a PCB assembly prototype in China, the speed is definitely something
to consider. prototypes are usually made by hand and the skilled, young, and talented
engineers found in Shenzhen will work quickly and efficiently to complete the assembly

process within hours.

Another thing to note is PCB assembly prototype in China is often easier than in any
other place worldwide, especially in Shenzhen. Prototypes require a minimal amount of
components, those components can be purchased and ordered within a single day in
places like the “HuaQiangBei” electronics market and from other manufacturers and
suppliers which are based in China and hold an available stock at their warehouses.

Labor and professional hands

China and particularly Shenzhen attracts many talented young engineers to make their
dream come true, they often work in PCB and PCBA fabrication facilities to gain
knowledge and experience and develop strong hardware-oriented skills, by fabricating
your hardware in China you be assured that your hardware project is in good hands.
Often labor affects the cost and the PCB assembly quote offered by PCBasic is very
attractive to many global customers, China PCB assembly services always strive to

keep the price down without compensating on the production quality.

Machinery and equipment

PCBA requires a specific type of machinery and equipment which is often very
expensive, printed circuit board assembly in China often comes with many benefits such
as access to equipment that isn’t common, often used in testing and quality assurance.
At PCBasic, a Chinese PCB assembly services provider, we take extra pride in our
diverse and advanced PCBA equipment that helps us to ensure that each product lives
the factory in perfectly working condition. Some of the equipment we use in PCBasic is
patented and proprietary, it isn’t available anywhere else and it’s just another reason out
of many to produce PCB board assembly in China.
Often the use of such machinery will reduce the labor cost involved in PCBA services in
China, thus, often when submitting a new project in a large PCBA factory that has
access to advanced machinery and equipment, you’ll be surprised that the Chinese
PCB assembly quote is often very reasonable and attractive.

Sourcing components

Once we choose the right facility to produce our PCBA, ensure that they are well
equipped with the latest technology and machinery, it’s time to begin production.
In order to fabricate printed circuit board assembly in China, we will need to source
different types of components, most of the components or their alternatives are already
widely available and used in the Chinese market, and for that reason, it’s easy to find
available stock even at such times of global components shortage.
While visiting American/EU online suppliers, the components frequently will be out of
stock, in China, however, those components are widely available in many domestic
trading platforms that supply components and electronic devices.
Counterparts are a big concern in China will sourcing components from third party
suppliers, one of the PCB assembly services offered in China by PCBasic is verifying
whenever the component is real or fake, we can accomplish it both by machinery and
manual inspection, every component before being offered to customers will be carefully
inspected and verified to ensure quality and consistency across the PCBA produced in

the Chinese factory located in Shenzhen.

Shipping & Logistics

Once we’re given a PCB assembly quote for fabricating our product in China, sourced

all the necessary components and ensured their quality, ensured to perform all the tests
needed to confirm functionality and quality - it’s time to ship the product to the customer.
Shipping and logistics is a very important stage when handling PCBA components,
especially those with special requirements such as LiPo batteries and other
components that are sourced during the assembly PCB process in China, those devices
should be packed with extra care in order to deliver them safely to the destination
country. At PCBasic we work with top shipping and logistics companies that can ensure
fast delivery of each and every project in a timely matter. Many freight options are
available, and as part of our company PCB assembly quote, we can offer fast and
affordable delivery options across the globe.


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