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How should a SMT processing factory run and also keep the SMT placement machine?

Printing pcb board will be the most important thing in the future world. Because the electronic manufacturing industry has actually been accompanied by the quick growth of the electronic information industry. All type of electronic products grow from the ground up, from little to big, from ordinary to specialist, every innovation as well as modification is indivisible from the presence of SMT production. If SMT manufacturing is the core of electronics making, after that SMT placement equipment is the core of SMT manufacturing. So, just how much do you understand about this leading concern SMT placement equipment? What is SMT placement machine? How should a certified SMT processing factory run and also keep the SMT placement machine?

First off, we need to recognize what is SMT placement machine

SMT placement equipment, furthermore referred to as surface area mount system. In the production line, it is set up after the screen printing press and also the SPI examination device. The functioning concept of the SMT placement maker is that after the PCB goes into the track, the placement machine digital video camera acknowledges the mark element, executes automated positioning, and likewise according to the pre-written patch Therapy, by relocating the placing head to vacuum the surface area mount elements along with setting them on the PCB pads.

There are numerous kinds of SMT placement machine, which are identified as follows,

By speed:

Medium-speed SMT placement machine, high-speed placement device, ultra-high-speed placement maker.

Divided by feature: 

High-speed/ultra-high-speed positioning machine, connects: It is based upon SMD aspects, as well as there are a couple of options of SMD tools.

Multi-function placement machine, attributes: can mount big gadgets and special-shaped Components.

According to the patch method:

Sequential placement device, features: it pastes the parts on the PCB in sequence, and this kind of positioning maker is usually seen.

Simultaneous placement machine, attributes: Using a distinct receptacle for placing round elements, all elements can be positioned on the equivalent pads of the PCB in one activity. Such placement makers are now hardly ever utilized.

Synchronised on the internet placement maker, functions: It is composed of many positioning heads, which will certainly position a PCB simultaneously. Assembly-FCM is this type of placement device.

By automation:

Automatic mechatronics placement equipment, attributes: many positioning makers are of this kind.

Semi-automatic positioning device, functions: The hand-operated positioning head is set up on the Y-axis head, and also the X, Y, and e placing can be dealt with by the movement and also rotation of the human hand. It is primarily utilized for brand-new product advancement and also has the advantage of affordable price. Specialist SMT manufacturer have actually not used this type of positioning maker.

Currently, SMT positioning manufacturing facilities generally make use of high-speed placement equipments with multi-function placement devices to improve the diversity as well as efficiency of SMT placement.

PCBasic makes use of 2 kinds of placement machines, NXT M3II and also JUKI KE-2060M, both of which are totally automated positioning makers, which can automatically mount components at high speed as well as high precision. SMT placement device is one of the most vital and most important tools in pcb manufacturing process, so pay attention to the specifications when utilizing it, or else it may create displacement, missing out on parts, wrong components, tombstones, reverse polarity, damages, splits, voids, the equipment can not draw the material, and so on.

So when making use of the smt placement machine, what should PCBasic pay special focus to as an expert smt supplier?

1. Prior to starting the NXT positioning machine, check whether the air pressure is 0.4Mpa-0.6 MPa, as well as the JUKI placement equipment is 0.49 Mpa ± 0.05 MPa;

2. Make sure that the placement rate is 60% ~ 100%;.

3. The elevation distinction of the installing product is within ± 0.5 MM;.

4. The Nxt positioning equipment need to keep an eye on the tossing price every two hours, evaluate as well as enhance the throwing sensation, and examine and also adjust the maker in time when the material loss rate reaches 3%;.

5. Constantly check the product use of each feeder on the station. When the product is still concerning 1/4, it must be attached to the equivalent material P/N of the material table.

6. The device has to be effectively grounded;.

7. Do not make use of the maker in a combustible gas or very dirty atmosphere. 

Standardized manufacturing can make nsure PCBA product high quality. Along with following the above preventative measures, PCBasic also needs daily, weekly and monthly maintenance for SMT positioning machines.

By day:

1. Tidy the device surface and also Feeder slot dirt;

2. Check the atmospheric pressure value of the tools;

3. Ensure the device voltage is at the normal worth: 380V;

4. The power-on indicator/alarm light flashes. 

By week:

1. Check that the electrical street is typical and there is no leakage;

2. The electrostatic grounding wire of the tools is not loose and diminishes;

3. Inspect that the conveyor belt is without foreign matter/oil stains/chips. 

By month:

1. Cleansing of equipment nozzles and also correction of nozzles;

2. Validate the normal procedure and debugging of the transmission sheave;

3. Inspect the stopper/press for wear as well as looseness

4. Clean the dirt as well as contaminant on the VCS surface area of the devices;

5. Cleaning and calibration of the laser sensor window

6. Clean the head block as well as OCC from dust/foreign issue. 

Evaluate the causes of SMT production defects

Along with the standard procedure of the SMT placement equipment as well as regular maintenance, a certified SMT processing factory additionally requires to be able to assess the factors for bad positioning on time. For instance, the SMT placement nozzle can not take in parts. The factors might be:
1. Suction nozzle wear: inadequate air pressure triggered by contortion, damage and obstruction of the suction nozzle
2. Inadequate vacuum negative stress: The SMT placement machine depends on unfavorable pressure to adsorb the elements on the suction nozzle. It typically uses the adverse stress discovery method to determine whether the elements picked up by the suction nozzle are abnormal. If the vacuum cleaner adverse pressure wants, it will not be able to give sufficient. Suction suction element.
3. The impact of the feeder: The bad feeding of the feeder will certainly cause deformation as well as rust of the pressing belt cover, springtime as well as various other running devices, which will certainly cause the elements to be prejudiced, stand or otherwise have the ability to soak up the elements.
Because the above circumstance, PCBasic will certainly focus on check the wear degree of the nozzle and also replace it with a new nozzle in time. Inspect the vacuum cleaner negative pressure and also tidy the nozzle routinely.

If the SMT processing manufacturing facility does not have adequate handling experience to sustain, it may cause the PCBA production task to have defects such as batch reverse and missing out on components, which will certainly bring the threat of boosted manufacturing expenses to customers. So when you are choosing a cpu for your SMT project, you can think about a company like PCBasic with more than 10 years of SMT placement experience.We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with professional online pcb design and manufacture, to escort your project.


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