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TOP 10 Online PCB Design Companies

It's essential to choose a suitable pcb design company for your business. In this article, we've prepared the top 10 online PCB design companies that could offer you superior pcb designers and turn-key solutions.

#1 PCBasic

The first and foremost will be PCBasic. A PCB design company that leads the market with over 30 in-house engineers can accomplish any design within a reasonable time and price. PCBasic has more than 10 years of knowledge in technology, existing PCB design, custom PCB designs, and more. 

The custom pcb maker can also consult on existing PCB projects and provide advice and support. Besides the pcb design business, PCBasic accumulated a massive amount of knowledge regarding existing and new chips technology available in the market. PCBasic can choose the proper chips and components for your design and lower your risk, cost, and effort with this ability.

Once the design work has been done, you could decide to continue to sample and mass-produce your product with PCBasic at ease without the need of changing suppliers or fabrication manufacturers.

#2 UpWork

While Upwork is not directly a pcb design company or PCB maker, it is a very well-known website that accumulated thousands of pcb designers that will provide you with online PCB design services that you need.

In Upwork, you'll sign a digital contract with the pcb designers. And once the work has been accomplished, the payment could be processed. You could leave ratings and comments on the work and choose to hire the freelancer for PCB design work again in the future.

While UpWork is a big company by itself, it is not directly related to PCB services. Still, it offers a vast amount of freelancer engineers that can accomplish any PCB design service that you wish for.

#3 Fiverr

Like Upwork, it is a freelance website that offers a mass amount of freelancers at your will. Unlike Upwork, Fiverr is well known for its low price. You can accumulate engineers from different countries at a very competitive cost. Fiverr offers PCB designers and online PCB design services such as schematic and layout design. And it's a good choice for those who seek to design their custom PCB at a low budget.

#4 PCBWay

PCBway is a popular custom pcb maker, but they also offer online PCB design services. PCBWay provides multiple services such as layout and schematic PCB design, electronics circuits development, and even 3D printing and packaging. They primarily focus on open-source designs for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and more and provide industrial designs based on customer-specific requirements.

#5 ProtoExpress

ProtoExpress is an online PCB design company that specializes in prototyping and turning an idea into working hardware. Their services including schematic and layout design, defining the concept into a working plan, and cost optimization. Suppose you already have a working product that you'd like to refer to in your new design. 

In that case, ProtoExpress offers reverse engineering services that will take your existing products and turn them into an electronic design that can be modified or customized according to your needs. ProtoExpress uses standard tools such as Altium designer software to integrate and modify your finalized designs easily.

#6 Green circuits

Green circuits is a small custom PCB design maker based in the US. It is available to assure that the project can be fulfilled properly and according to the customer demands. They offer various services such as PCB circuit board design, system-level custom design, layout, schematic designs, and much more. Green circuits also provide multiple simulations during their design process to ensure the PCB design will work as expected. Simulations such as thermal and power simulations, power integrity, and signal integrity are all available and ready to be tested before approaching the custom board production.

#7 Staturnpcb

Staturnpcb, a US-based turn-key online PCB design service provider. This pcb design company provides multiple services such as RoH's compliant designs, multi-layer PCB designs, electronics components, and much more. They specialize in high-frequency RF designs, Antenna designs, memory designs, and low analog PCB designs during their design process. Saturnpcb Specialize in industrial and high-end services, so if you need a top-notch design, Saturnpcb is probably a good choice for you.

#8 Seeed

Seeed is a pcb design company that provides well-known open-source hardware and agriculture and IoT-related services. But did you know that Seeed has a service called PCB Fusion? Seeed Fusion PCB is an online PCB design service. Although Fusion PCB will not design the schematic for you, they'll be able to take your schematic and generate a PCB layout out of it. If you have a pdf schematic, an extra charge will be taken to create a .sch file for you. While Fusion PCB is a good custom pcb design service, it might not be the best option if you need to turn your new fresh idea into a working design.

#9 BayAreaCircuits

Bay Area Circuits is a pcb design company located in, well, you guessed it - the bay area! The online pcb maker has over 45 years of expertise. They can provide you with PCB fabrication, custom pcb design services, accelerated PCB design development, and much more. The custom pcb maker has developed its unique design process and capabilities, including analog designs, high density and complex PCB designs, high-speed design circuits, RF and antenna PCB design. They provide compliance engineering to all their designs, which are very well appreciated if you sell your products in EU countries or countries with heavy regulations. As a professional circuit board maker online, they use well-known tools such as Altium Designer, DipTrace, and Cadence Allegro.

#10 Promwad

Last but not least, Promwad is an online PCB maker. And it is also a PCB design company, provides PCB designers for customers' demands and products. The solutions they provide are varied to your requirements but include simulations to test the design quality, multi-layer design including FPGA, analog, digital and high-frequency designs, and Antenna and RF designs. 

As a leading pcb design company, they will provide:

  • Complete documentation for their design.
  • Production-ready files.
  • Design the external enclosure for the final product or the PCB drawings needed for other accessories.

A good pcb design company must have both strength and customer recognition. On this basis, we have organized these excellent pcb design companies for you. Take this as a reference and hope to help your pcb design business.


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