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How Can You Get The Best PCB Design Course Online With Certificate?

In this article, we'll walk through the best pcb design course online with certificate and PCB design training resources. Then how to start PCB designing online? And How much are the pcb design course fees? What type of skills you'll learn? What's the best platform to learn PCB training courses using popular software such as Altium Designer?

Learning requirements for PCB design courses

When starting to design a PCB, it's vital to understand its concept. That's because the PCB design course might not cover all the aspects. PCB training course usually includes PCB design and layout fundamentals for EMC. And we should have a basic understanding of electronic components and their behavior.

The PCB design is done through design software such as Altium Designer. But most of the courses about how to use Altium Designer or Eagle PCB will not teach you the fundamentals of microelectronics and components. So you'll need to consider before heading over to purchase your PCB designing online course.

Type of PCB design courses

For PCB design classes, we have multiple options. First, we need to understand what do we want to learn. Is it PCB schematic design or PCB layout design? The schematic design will require knowledge in microelectronics, and the layout will often teach you how to operate the software to layout the components correctly.

You might find a popular type of courses: PCB design and layout fundamentals, electronics fundamentals, and Altium designer courses. Or other software such as the Eagle's PCB design course is also widely available.

Suppose you don't have any degree in microelectronics, physics, or other engineering or science-related subject. In that case, you might want to consider starting with the pcb design fundamentals, such as electronics fundamentals. And slowly climb up to more complicated things such as using PCB design software and designing your schematic and layout for a custom circuit board.

Choosing the right PCB design software

When it comes to PCB design classes, besides the universal basics, it's also important to choose the right PCB design software to go. For example, most professionals will use Altium Designer to design their PCB. But the software contains many features and might be challenging to learn for beginners. The pcb design course fees are also not always affordable.

Another option is Eagle PCB by AutoDesk. This software has a free pcb design course and is easier to learn and get used to. Eagle is also used by many design professionals and shouldn't limit your design by any means.

Beginners' favorite option will be Kicad. Kicad courses are open source, and they do not charge pcb design course fees. Usually, the Kicad course will be very beginner-friendly and easy to go with. If you don't have previous experience with PCB design, you should consider Kicad as your first option.

Platforms for learning PCB  design courses

Where could you get all this amazing knowledge and find the best courses to start your PCB design project? Many platforms offer such content, usually by individual creators. For example, Udemy offers great PCB design courses. Udemy PCB design courses have been designed by professional PCB designers that can teach you the basics to get started with designing your custom circuit board. 

Another great platform is Linkedin Learning. Although it requires premium membership, the PCB design course fee is definitely worth the investment. Experts provide Linkedin Learning PCB design classes in the field. And at the end of the course, you'll be able to gain LinkedIn PCB design certification that will give you accreditation for what you have learned.

Besides Udemy and Linkedin, YouTube is another excellent resource for PCB training courses and learning to design your PCB online. If Udemy and Linkedin learning is a little too complex or professional for you, you could choose to go with Coursera. The platform offers a wide range of teaching from fundamentals to expertise in a PCB design course, Altium designer course, and even advanced PCB layout course and schematic design course.

PCB Design certification

Once you've successfully chosen the pcb design training course and passed it, it's time to get your certification! Most of the existing platforms such as Linkedin, Coursera, and Udemy offer micro-credential or PCB design certification that will prove you have learned and passed the basic requirements of the course and can apply what you learned in real-life applications.

Although YouTube and other free learning platforms don't offer such credentials, many platforms offer to purchase the credential alone without the entire course. The requirement is to pass a test and prove you have the necessary knowledge to gain the certification. This strategy of learning will allow you to both save cost and time.


To conclude, PCB designing, although it might seem easy, is a challenge. And to tackle a challenge, you should have the right tools in your hand. The basic pre-requirements are knowledge in microelectronics and basic physics and math. Those are often learned in the university at science and engineering subjects but can be learned externally by taking courses at platforms like Udemy Coursera or even YouTube.

Next, you need to choose the right software to get learn with. While Altium is popular and powerful, it might not be the simplest one. Kicad is a better choice if you're just getting started.

And last but not least, make sure the online PCB design course includes a certification so you can prove your hard work to yourself and your future employers. Most of the platforms offer such certification together with the PCB design course materials.


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