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10 PCB design tips that will make PCBA production easier and more efficient for your next project

PCB design can be a tedious task. But whether it is a small batch or entire PCB production, mastering the correct PCB design tips is essential to avoid costly mistakes. Although we usually assign this task to a professional PCBA company, it is crucial to know some pcb layout tips and pcb routing tips. In this article, we'll walk through 10 PCB design tips that will make PCBA production easier and more efficient on your next project.

In our previous article, we've discussed best practices when it comes to PCB design and PCBA production. Now, after you've been working for quite some time on your fabulous design - it's time to produce it and make it come to life! But wait, what are the most common mistakes you should avoid when dealing with PCBA assembly and PCBA electronics components? Or are there any pcb layout tips and pcb routing tips worth noting? What are the precautions you can take when going PCBA manufacturing? Let's see the 10 PCB design tips and tricks that will make your PCBA production easier and more efficient so you can avoid the most common mistakes and make sure that your project goes as smoothly as possible.

10 PCB design tips

We have summarized these pcb design tips from multiple channels. After reading these ten pcb design tips, maybe you will have new discoveries about your project.

Choose components wisely

Depends on the complexity of your design, you might have a few or even a few hundred different components. When choosing the components for your design, it's essential to consider things like availability, price, form factor, and application. Different applications will require different components, and during the PCBA manufacturing process, different PCBA electronics will have different assembly procedures. Those are things that should be considered as well. For example, through-hole PCBA electronics will be assembled by hand and not through an SMT machine which might increase the cost of production. Depends on the person doing the PCBA assembly process, it could affect the quality of the finished product as well. Choosing the right components is crucial. In the end, choosing the right means choosing smart - evaluate your application and make sure that the components are all accompanied by the PCBA assembly standard you are looking to archive.

Consider components availability

If you are in the business of PCBA production and PCBA assembly, you probably are well aware of the components shortage in the market. Then you should also understand the practicality of our pcb design tips. Before choosing the components for your design, make sure to check their availability and stock. If the components are not available, you might want to look for alternative PCBA electronics devices to use in your design process. This could ease the design process and ensure you'll have your product PCBA manufactured in no time.

Confirm design using simulation

Before producing your finished PCB design, make sure to properly overlook it and confirm that no mistakes, PCBA electronics positioning, and other common faults were made. Once PCB is made - its design cannot be changed. Often when we use multi-layer PCB, it can be a costly mistake. Many PCB designing software offers an internal simulation to run across the design and its components to avoid short circuits and unwires PCB layout mistakes. Those functions are very useful and shouldn't be underestimated. Make sure to simulate your design properly before producing your PCB board and sending it over to PCBA manufacturing.

Prepare organized BOM

There is a famous saying among engineers: "clear table means a clear mind," so why wouldn't you arrange your BOM and organize it properly to be easier to read and understand? Often when we are ready to send our product for fabrication, we are required to provide the BOM (bill of materials) as well. Suppose the BOM is not properly organized and ready for the PCBA manufacturing process. In that case, the PCBA assembly line workers might mistake and wrong assembly electronics on top of the PCB board or even misplace some components, which could cause unpredictable issues in the final product. In such a case, it's apparent that keeping your bill of materials organized and clean is well worth the time. And hassle and could prevent many mistakes when it reaches the stage of gathering the PCBA electronics parts and producing the board in the PCBA manufacturing procedure.

Choose the right PCBA suppliers

This is one of the most important pcb design tips we want to talk about. Buying components sounds easy, but it can't be far from the truth. When dealing with PCBA suppliers of electronics, it's crucial to verify the authenticity and the certification that the PCBA supplier provides. Many times during the PCBA manufacturing process, you might find out the PCBA electronics are counterfeit or, in other words - fake. In the case of PCBA assembly mass-production, this can translate into a massive loss to the company. To avoid it, it's important to do a couple of checks and buy the PCBA electronics from authorized distributors or the PCBA suppliers directly.

Consider one-stop-station service

By following our pcb design tips, you may find that the PCBA company is indispensable. PCBA manufacturing procedures using PCBA electronics can sometimes be difficult. It requires producing PCBs, purchasing components, purchasing stencil, testing the PCB components, and finally delivering it all for production in the PCBA manufacturing assembly line. Instead of going through this all process by yourself, Why not choose a pcba company that can provide one-stop service? As a professional PCBA company, PCBasic provide such services. Our PCBA factory has decades of practical experience. On the customer side, cooperation and the required PCBA manufacturing files such as Gerber and BOM are needed. PCBasic will go through the entire procedure, ensuring maximum quality and speed. This is something worth considering and can save both funds and time when going for mass PCBA production.

Prepare appropriate certifications

pcb design tips tell us that product certification is very important. Different requirements might apply depending on your application and the country you are planning to export your final product to. When choosing the PCBA assembly line and PCBA manufacturer, it's crucial to consider the necessary certification such as RoHS, ISO. Once the product has been successfully manufactured, you might need to pass your certification procedures on your product at a later stage. Ensuring the PCBA manufacturer and the PCBA electronics components complied with the legal requirements for certifications will make the entire process easier for you to deal with at a later stage.

Monitor the PCBA production cost

Some projects are on a tight budget. When planning the PCB design and the PCBA assembly stage, it's important to properly monitor the cost to avoid unexpected numbers at the final bill. pcb design tips can help us save PCBA costs. One way to receive better pricing is by using a one-stop-station, which will often lower the PCBA cost and the risk during the PCBA manufacturing process. The PCBA factory will source the PCBA electronics components directly from a reliable source and will deal with the entire logistics and production stages. Another way is to consider that different quantities will have different pricing. It might be a good idea to produce 200 pieces instead of 150. Those numbers should be checked as well before the PCBA manufacturing and assembly process.

Avoid common layout mistakes

When designing a layout for the PCBA electronics on the printed circuit board, it's important to follow the recommendations from the PCBA supplier. Generally, they conform to the pcb design tips and pcb layout tips we proposed. Some components require an external antenna, and appropriate space should be kept for such use. And some components have high transfer speed and can't be layout nearby other components which might cause interference. While the PCB schematic is correct, it's crucial to consider the pcb layout tips to avoid overdoing the entire PCBA manufacturing over again.

Follow original schematic provided by components suppliers

Many components have different requirements, and it's sometimes easy to miss the right requirement for the right PCBA electronics. That is the pcb design tips we are talking about. By following the original pcb design tips that the PCBA supplier or distributors provide, we can avoid such mistakes. The PCBA supplier or distributor will often recommend adding production or extra components for the circuit to avoid interference with other devices. Such recommendations shouldn't be taken light-minded and should be heavily considered as something that should be done.


The above is all the pcb design tips and tricks we have given. If you are an engineer or pcb enthusiast, these pcb design tips are also helpful for you. As a professional PCBA company, we suggest you cooperate with an experienced PCBA supplier or PCBA factory. We have full confidence in pcb design. We welcome you to visit our PCBA factory.





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