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China PCB assembly online

I. Introduction

Back in the day, manufacturing and fabrication was a very tedious task, we had to set physical appointments, meet face to face, have a factory tour, and negotiate prices. Today, with the industrial revolution, things are much easier. Especially, when it comes to manufacturing and fabricating overseas such as in China and particularly in Shenzhen.

Most of the China PCB assembly companies allow you to upload the production files and get an instant PCB assembly online quote. Some, however, might require a more manual procedure which is often not very customer-friendly.

With the increasing demand for PCB assembly and production in China, instant quotation plays an important role. Customers’ orders increase and so the demand to receive an instant quotation from China PCB assembly companies.

In this article, we will cover the basics of PCB china online quote and the advantages it has. We will guide you through how to get PCB assembly in China online quote and the best PCB assembly manufacturer to produce your next hardware project.

II. Advantages of china PCB assembly online

china PCB assembly online

When we order China PCB assembly online we often take the process as granted. Preparing and uploading the files, and getting an instant quotation will be the first choice when asking for a quotation. Previously, that wasn’t the case, with many companies offering quotations through emails that might take up a week to complete.

The advantages of China PCB assembly online are enormous. Many companies in China hire professional customer support staff to monitor and verify orders in a blink of an eye. Those companies usually own a sophisticated backend that enables the entire process to move smoothly. Setting up the order, arranging production, and delivery – all these processes are done via a single platform.

The advantages come at a price as well, companies that offer manual PCB assembly online quotations often are more expensive. This is due to the manual labor it requires to verify, check and reply to each and every order. Those communications can go anywhere from days to weeks and are very inefficient.

Another advantage is the ability to trace the production life-cycle, this can be useful when issues arise. China PCB assembly online companies provide online records of project production dates and testing logs. On the order page, batch number and quality control test results are used to track the production life cycle.

III. How To Get PCB Assembly China Online Quote

China PCB assembly welding

Getting a PCB assembly china online quotation is pretty straightforward. Most of the companies that provide such service, will offer an online form to upload the PCB production files. Some websites will go one step further and enable you to see a live preview of what the PCBA board will look like.

Once all the files are successfully uploaded, the system will submit them for verification. The PCB staff member will overview the submitted files and ensure everything is in place. In case of inconsistency between the provided information and the production files, the staff will correct those manually according to recommended guidelines.

Once everything is in place, a final quoted order will be submitted to the customer for confirmation. In order to confirm the order, the customer will need to arrange an online payment.

With a successful payment, the project will go into the production stage. This stage varies between each project depending on the requirements. For a simple PCB board, the production can take between 48 to 72 hours. for PCBA, the process might take slightly longer. Sometimes the project might include some exceptional demands. Although PCB online quotes are preferred, in some cases manual quotation is unvoidable.

IV. Best China PCB Assembly Manufacturer

As time goes by, the market expands and more opportunities become available. supply and demand in the semi-conductors and fabrication industry brought a lot of competition and new opportunities. When looking for the best PCB assembly manufacturer in China, it’s important to understand what result we want to archive. Is it the best quality or perhaps the fastest speed of delivery? a balance between those will be a preferable solution.

At PCBasic we incorporate 15 years of experience into a single all-in-one PCBA and fabrication service. We serve worldwide customers with different demands and requirements. We take our customers from the prototyping stage to mass production. During the years we mastered the ability to deliver fast and precisely with minimal faults in the production process.

We have developed a custom MES system that manages the entire fabrication process, from order to delivery. providing the emerging services of traceability, quality assurance, and speed.

V. Conclusion

In this article, we went through what online quotation means and how to get a PCB online quote in China. Most companies will offer very interactive and easy-to-use methods which are often convenient for customers to use. When issues arise, manual communication is often necessary. The advantages of PCB assembly online are obvious. At PCBasic we are glad to serve customers across the world by offering a smart and easy way to set PCB assembly online orders while offering great customer support.


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