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PCB assembly services from prototype to production


For every new project, there is a new plan, whenever it’s a small batch creation for fun or a commercial product for mass production, it all starts with a prototype PCB assembly service, and once successfully passed the tests can be handed over to mass production. As a PCB assembly manufacturer that provides one-stop PCB assembly we care a lot about our customer's requirements and produce results so in this article we will share some of the most common PCB assembly methods and the PCB assembly services we offer during the prototype PCB assembly and industrial PCB assembly procedures.
Many customers often ask us how to assemble a PCB board or if they would like to do the procedure by themselves they often seek PCB assembly guidelines, below we will share some of the PCB assembly services that are used both for prototype PCB assembly and PCB fabrication assembly during mass production.

Prototype PCB assembly

During the product prototyping stage, it’s important to test as many functions as possible to ensure no issues happen during the mass production process. The PCB assembly methods used during the prototype PCB assembly are mostly manual and done by handpicking the components and PCB assembly and soldering it manually, this process might take a few days to finish (depending on the quantity of the components and the amount of prototype PCB assembly boards) and usually, during this stage, it’s important to ensure all components are soldered well, no short-circuits occur and that the board functions properly. Very often prototype PCB assembly will also involve through-hole components which require through-hole PCB assembly service, for mass production, this is also done manually unless the quantity is big and then the company can provide wave soldering PCB assembly services which are quite efficient.PCB assembly services from prototype to production

If the PCB assembly manufacturer is a Shenzhen PCB assembly service provider that provides PCB assembly services or if the PCB assembly is in China, it’s very likely that the prototype assembly process will be much faster than other regions across the world as Shenzhen is considered to be the silicon valley of hardware enabling to source electronics components at high speed and efficiency providing customers one-stop PCB assembly services with ease. When prototyping the PCB, it might often require to do multiple iterations of versions in order to ensure everything functions properly, by choosing a trustworthy PCB assembly manufacturer you can ensure low-cost PCB assembly prototype production due to the quality of the components and the soldering service offered during the PCB prototype
assembly service.

Mass production

We’ve finished with the prototype assembly services and tested all the functionalities and everything works just as expected, great! but how to go from PCB prototype and assembly to mass production in hundreds of thousands of units? PCB assembly services providers will often take you from the prototype to the production stage with ease as they are already familiar with your product, it’s important

not to switch a PCB assembly manufacturer from the prototype stage to mass production as it might cause unnecessary potential issues. Often it’s due to misunderstandings or knowledge of the product and how to assembly it, things that can often be resolved in the prototype PCB assembly services that were offered and wouldn’t repeat themselves in the mass production stage. Before initiating mass production it’s important to ask for a PCB assembly review and to ask questions of issues that happened during the prototype PCB assembly and manufacturing stage and how to avoid them in the upcoming mass production. During the mass production, there are many PCB assembly services that will be offered depending on the project requirement and need, for example, for through-hole components if the quantity is big with many through-hole components there it’s very likely that the PCB assembly manufacturer will offer wave soldering PCB assembly services. Small PCB assembly china factories will not offer tests and qualifications for the produced PCB assembly main board as they are lack of the capacity to do so, it’sPCB assembly services from prototype to production important to ensure, based on the requirements, if the PCB assembly companies you have chosen will be able to provide quality control testing, RoHs/ISO certifications and so on ... All those PCB assembly services are including in PCBasic mass production
stage as quality and customer satisfaction means everything to us. When using components for the PCB components assembly stage it’s important to verify that the quantity is sufficient, these PCB assembly services are offered using an X-Ray machine that enables fast and accurate counting of the components inside an SMT roll. For PCB assembly and printing it’s also important to ensure high-quality solder
paste that is lead-free in order to ensure compliance, at PCBasic for the printing PCB assembly services we use high-quality Japanese solder paste that other PCB assembly companies won’t dare to use due to the high cost but for us, it’s quality and safety that matters the most.


Whenever you are starting with product prototyping or you are ready to go mass production, don’t forget the PCB assembly services that involve in each stage and how they could provide you with fast, safe, and high-quality results for your project needs, let’s review quick take-aways to remember for your next project assembly:

1. PCB assembly China is often a good choice, PCBasic is based in Shenzhen, the silicon valley of hardware enabling quick and high-quality components sourcing by partnering with the world's biggest components suppliers and distributers.

2. When producing PCB assembly and soldering of a prototype it’s important to keep the same supplier for mass production as they will be familiar with the product and the requirements and this could avoid unnecessary issues in the mass production stage.

3. There are many PCB assembly companies that offer a variety of PCB assembly services, it’s important to note that the services they offer include quality control and assurance as well as RoHS qualification, PCBasic offers all the above and much more as quality and safety is our top priority. There are some PCB assembly services that could save time and hustle using advanced equipment such as X-Ray
components counting and more. As an assembly company PCB provider with over 15 years of accumulated experience, we hope sharing this article could broaden your knowledge about PCB assemblyPCB assembly services from prototype to production services offered during the prototype to mass production procedure of PCBA. There are many more PCB assembly services for different needs and scenarios and more of those will be shared in our next upcoming articles.

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