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Best automotive PCB Suppliers and manufacturers for the automotive industry

The automotive PCB industry has been progressing for the past century. A multi-billion type of Business with an exponentially growing amount of vehicles worldwide.

This industry is often looked upon and deemed a hot topic among manufacturers and chip suppliers. Not long ago, vehicles were only a toy for the very wealthy ones. As the world evolved, more automotive manufacturers came into existence. After a while, cars and other types of vehicles evolve to be smarter and better. Today’s cars include the ability to provide greener, more eco-friendly types of transportation.

In this article, we will cover applications and types of PCBs for the automotive industry. How to manufacture automotive PCB and where to find appropriate manufacturers. If you are working on your next automotive smart PCB design, this article is definitely for you!

The importance of automotive PCB suppliers

automotive PCB suppliers

PCB fabrication for the automotive industry is considered a very unique, difficult, and precise task. The PCB designed for the automotive pcb market needs to pass multiple industrial certifications. An advanced PCBA line will perform the automotive pcb assembly. The end product will go through various tests and verifications to ensure consistency over the entire production line.

Automotive PCB suppliers have the crucial task of ensuring the components, PCBs, and assembly lines obey the heavy certifications requirements and critical test procedures. By having the right supplier, customers can rest assured their components are genuine and the assembly line has experience dealing with automotive PCB productions.

Components used in the automotive PCB industry

Components used in the automotive PCB industry

Vehicles constantly advance over time. Moving from manual gear to automatic. Improving speed, safety, and environmental impact. If you are wondering what’s the relationship between these components, let’s not forget that an intelligent internal vehicle computer system controls all those advanced vehicle features. Today’s world is moving towards autonomous self-driving cars. Those cars require high complexity of calculations and precision. While designing smart vehicles, engineers often choose advanced AI integrated circuits.

Those AI chips, will ensure the safety of the passengers by performing billions of calculations a second, removing and alerting the drivers to any possibility of risk or danger. Some components could be difficult to secure and will often end up very costly. The growing worldwide components shortage doesn’t make it any easier.

Today’s vehicles and automotive solutions often use advanced sensory, machine learning, and vision equipment. For such PCB designs, advanced components need to be sourced, often available from a very specific supplier.

Benefits that automotive manufacturers can provide

When dealing with an automotive supplier or manufacturer, it’s important to understand what your benefits are. Dealing with automotive industry manufacturers often means higher quality, consistency, and attention to detail.

Some benefits an automotive supplier can provide you include:

  • 1. Components sourcing – getting hard-to-get advance AI chips for the automotive industry.
  • 2. PCB manufacturing – Automotive applications require multi-layer PCBs, something that an experienced automotive manufacturer can handle.
  • 3. Advanced assembly lines – Dealing with automotive components requires extra caution. Advanced automotive PCBA lines can ensure quality and consistency for the entire production.
  • 4. Speed – Using advanced equipment and a skilled workforce, automotive PCB suppliers get things done in a timely matter.

Where to find smart automotive suppliers

If you are looking for a promised pcb supplier for your next automotive project, you came to the right place. At PCBasic, we are able to provide quick turn-key services for automotive projects.

With over 15 years of gained field experience and the ability to source components from top suppliers, we can ensure your project will go smoothly. Automotive manufacturing requires skills, knowledge, and sophisticated technology. All of which PCBasic possesses. We welcome you to contact us for a quick quotation and prepare for setting the right foot in the direction of the smart automotive industry!


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