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How does PCBasic realize the fast production of multi-species and Small batch PCBAs?

How does PCBasic realize the fast production of multi-species and Small batch PCBAs?

 Now let's talk about the specific implementation process of our 
PCBasic to achieve rapid production of multi-species small batch PCBAs. 

 1.Design a flexible PCB layout 

PCBasic has senior electronic design engineers

 At PCBasic, we have experienced electronic engineers in the industry in PCB layout design.
 to support the installation and connection of many devices as flexibly as possible

to reduce the need to change the layout.

Universal connectors or programmable chips can be used to support different electronic components. 

 2.Optimize procurement and inventory management 

PCBasic warehouse with tens of thousands of components

 We at PCBasic have established long-term strategic partnerships with component suppliers

in the industry to achieve a win-win situation for both parties.

 With an efficient supply chain management system that optimizes the procurement process,

we are able to handle the supply of raw materials and components on time.

Through proper inventory management and logistics planning,we can respond to customers' order

 requirements faster while reducing inventory and waste. 

 3.Adopting efficient SMT placement equipment

PCBasic leads the PCBA industry

 PCBasic has established a high standard of 8 automated production lines
and purchased the industry's most efficient surface mount technology (SMT) equipment
to improve production efficiency and reduce manual operations.
We use automated tools such as automatic placement machines and automatic plug-in machines
and wave soldering equipment to reduce manual operations and production cycles. 

 4.Implementation of standardized process flow

 We at PCBasic have established a standardized production process flow (SOP), a unified production standard
and process that helps improve production efficiencyand product quality and reduce costs and error rates. 
For this reason, the standardized process flow can well support multi-species production.

 5.Application of intelligent manufacturing technology 

 PCBasic has been increasing its R&D strength in intelligent manufacturing technology,
and has achieved real-time monitoring of production line data in industrial Internet,
Internet of Things, and smart logistics management system,
and the production efficiency and product quality have enjoyed a high reputation in the PCBA manufacturing industry.
At the same time, PCBasic can improve and optimize the production process through data analysis and mining,

which forms a positive cycle and better supports multi-species small-batch production. 

Our intelligent manufacturing system empowers more digitalization of the industry. 

 6.Equipped with high-quality human resources 

 Multi-species small batch PCBA, PCBasic has been equipped with higher-quality human resources.
PCBasic has technical personnel, quality control personnel,
and supply chain management personnel.
We have long-term industrial alliances
with top academic research institutions in China and Chinese universities.
Reasonable allocation of human resources helps
to improve production efficiency and product quality and shorten the production cycle. 

 7.Introduction of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) 

 PCBASIC uses programmable logic controller (PLC) for automated control
in the production of multi-species and small-lot PCBAs. PLC can automatically control production equipment
and processes according to preset logic and programs to improve production efficiency and production quality. 

 8.Implementation of Quality Management System 

 We have a well-developed quality management system,including quality control and quality assurance,
which can help ensure that the quality and performance of our products meet the requirements.
The quality management system should cover everything
from raw material procurement, production process,
and finished product inspection to fully guarantee the quality
and reliability of the products (detailed quality inspection process). 

 9.Put in place flexible production planning 

To meet the demand for quick production of multi-species and small-lot PCBA,

 PCBasic's production plan is all automated production,

and the MES system with independent intellectual property rights gives more flexibility
and adjustability to small-lot production.
PCBasic adopts the advanced planning system
APS to realize intelligent production planning and scheduling,
and adjust the production plan in real time according to market demand and order changes
The system can improve production efficiency and production capacity. 

 10.Adopt a rapid response mechanism 

 In the production of multi-species small batch PCBAs,PCBasic has established a rapid response mechanism 

on time to deal with customer feedback and market demand changes on time.

The rapid response mechanism includes rapid production adjustments,
rapid product updates, improvements, etc. We promise to deliver small lots in 24 hours at the earliest.

Only by constantly following up on the market,updating and improving, 

can we maintain our competitiveness and market share. 

   To sum up, realizing the fast production of multi-species and small batch PCBAs requires comprehensive consideration
and coordination in many aspects such as PCB layout design, procurement, and inventory management,
SMT placement equipment, process flow,intelligent manufacturing technology, human resources,
PLC control, quality management system, production planning and quick response mechanism.
Only on the basis of comprehensive consideration of various factors can efficient, fast,
and reliable production be achieved.
PCBasic has done it, for more product information,please pay attention to the product details page.