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Since PCBA processing often involves a variety of electrostatic sensitive electronic components and some processing techniques that have certain requirements for electrostatic protection, certain anti-static requirements are required in PCBA processing. Electrostatic warning signs are mainly used to post, hang, and place on factories, equipment, components and packaging to remind people of the possibility of electrostatic discharge or electrical overload damage during operation.

Workshop anti-static requirements
According to the requirements of product production level, the production workshop should be equipped with corresponding anti-static facilities, and the ground wire should be independent and reliable. Keep constant temperature and humidity in the workshop. Separate static safe working areas, and affix obvious anti-static warning signs.

The grounding system outside the workshop is inspected once a year, and the grounding systems such as the floor/mat, workbench, etc. in the workshop shall be inspected once every six months, and corresponding records shall be made.

The temperature and humidity in the workshop are respectively controlled at (25±2)℃ and 65%±5%RH; measure twice a day and make corresponding records.