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Common Faults of Wave Soldering Machine

The wave soldering machine is an automatic welding equipment in the electronic product production industry, and it is also an essential equipment for the production of electronic products. After the automated wave soldering machine working for a period of time, different failures sometimes occur. Especially if the failure rate of careless maintenance is more frequent. Here are some common fault repair methods for small wave soldering machine. And also remind everyone that you must disconnect the power when repairing the wave soldering circuit.

1. The temperature of the wave soldering machine working is unstable:
Reasons for unstable temperature of wave soldering machine:
① The fan is not turned on
② The thermocouple is not grounded;
③ Temperature measurement module;
④ Thermocouple;

Troubleshooting method:
① Replace the corresponding thermocouple;
② Just turn on the flow solder machine fan
③ Just replace the temperature measurement module;
④ Ground the shielded wire of the thermocouple;
Two, the wave soldering machine can not afford to hit the crest:
The reason why the wave soldering equipment can't reach the peak:
① The tin is not melted;
② The crest vane pump is mechanically stuck;
③ The flow solder machine motor is damaged;
④ The inverter parameters are lost or damaged;
⑤ The relay is damaged;
⑥ Current limiter overload protection;
⑦ The economical type is selected for the tin furnace;
⑧ Thermal compensation tin overflow protection;
⑨ PLC module has no analog output;
⑩ The electrovert wave solder's power supply lacks phase.
Troubleshooting method:
① Wait for all the tin to melt;
② According to the specific situation, when it is more serious, the entire lobe pump should be taken out for cleaning, and all the tin slag in the anti-oxidation sleeve should be cleaned. If the bearing is damaged, the bearing needs to be replaced.
③ Just replace the flow solder machine motor;
④ Reset the parameters of the inverter or replace the inverter;
⑤ Replace the soldering bath machine inverter;
⑥ Reset thermal relay;
⑦ Set the tin furnace to ordinary type;
⑧ Clean the tin on the thermal compensation to make the overflow tin device in a normal state;
⑨ Replace thesolder machines's corresponding module;

⑩ Ask customers to solve power problems

Third, the problem of spray failure of wave soldering machine working:
1. The nozzle of the wave soldering machine does not move:
① Mechanically stuck;
Causes of mechanical jamming of the wave soldering equipment nozzle:
a. The synchronous wheels of the spray car are severely deformed and worn;
b. The small bearing in the synchronous wheel is damaged;
c. The timing belt is disconnected or too loose;
d. The installation of the synchronous belt and the synchronous wheel is unbalanced;
e. The bearing in the same wheel of the synchronous belt is damaged.

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