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Surface Mount Process of PCB Component Placement Machine

The surface mount process(surface mount technology process) is the SMT process, which uses the component placement machine to attach electronic components to the PCB's surface. In the SMT manufacturing process, the SMT mounter machine is a vital existence. The SMT company relies on it to complete the surface mount assembly process. So, what are the specific steps when using a PCB component placement machine for the surface mount process?

Surface mount technology process flow

1. PCB reference calibration specification

When the smt mounter machine is placed, the components' placement coordinates are calculated based on the corners of the PCB (usually the lower-left corner and the upper right corner) as the source point. During PCB pick and place assembly, the surface mount placement machine needs to position the PCB board to prevent errors in high-precision placement. Alignment method: the symbol point and the optical alignment system are completed.

2. Detection and adjustment

After determining the placement of the PCB chip, it needs to determine two questions: Is the middle and placement head common? Does the second component meet the requirements of the SMT mounter machine? If it does not meet the requirements, it cannot be placed. These two questions must be determined through testing.

3. PCB transmission

PCB transfer is the first step of the SMT pick and place process. The transmission organization must complete it. After the smt mounter machine accurately pastes the components, the transmission system must also steadily output the PCB. Therefore, the leaderboard is very important because the following operations will not be finished if the SMT placement machine does not accurately import the components to the regular position.

4. Pick up components

The key points in the surface mount process are the timing of the component placement machine pickup and its accuracy and correctness. The factors that affect the smt pick and place process include the things and methods of the pickup, the packaging components, and the relevant characteristics of the parts themselves. When using an SMT mounter machine to pick up components, we need to know that the main points are the factors that affect the process. We only need to know that picking up components is divided into technical picking and machine picking. Machine picking includes two forms: mechanical picking and vacuum picking. The vacuum picking method is used in modern component placement machines, and mechanical gripping is only used under special circumstances.

The above are the steps of component placement machine pick and place assembly in the surface mount process. If you want to know more about the SMT process, please click https://www.pcbasic.com/ to our homepage.


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